Chipotle abandons humanity, starts charging for tortillas on the side

In a final blow to society’s sanity, Chipotle has decided to get rid of the beloved “tortilla on the side” hack. The go-to move for many Chipotle lovers was to make their own burrito with their free tortilla and the contents of the burrito bowl. The logic being that sometimes the in-house made burritos leak and the bowls come with more food. Now, on both the app and the website, the extra tortilla that burrito bowl buyers typically opt-in for will cost an extra 25 cents. Chipotle did not make a formal announcement regarding the extra charge. They were presumably aware of the backlash they were about to receive. “Chipotle starting to charge 25 cents for a tortilla on the side now??? In a pandemic???! The disrespect,” one Twitter user said. “Chipotle charges for a tortilla on the side now..Find me filling my water cup with Sprite and bringing my tortilla from home at a Chipotle near you,” said another. “I feel blindsided and betrayed by Chipotle for charging 25 cents for the tortilla on the side. I trusted you,” chimed in a third