Chilicuterie Is the New, Fall-Forward Take on a Classic Game Day Spread

These boards allow everyone to customize their cozy bowls of chili exactly to their liking.

Fall, football, and chili: the classic trifecta beloved for cozy Sundays in. Trending #chilicuterie and #chiliboard posts on social media are mouthwateringly appealing to sports fans—and anyone who enjoys a hearty bowl of soup. After a sweet onslaught of candy-centric Halloween charcuterie boards, it's time for some real comfort food (and a few Fritos) to take the field.

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The hashtag #chiliboard has over 485,000 views on TikTok, with plenty of ideas on how to customize your own. Creator @tina.fears shared her version of the build your own bowl trend, complete with toppings like jalapeños, shredded cheese, roasted corn, pickled tomatoes, and more. "Girl! I will be right over," one user commented. She also set out gold utensils, a tablecloth with a leaf print, and a fall-themed sign. On Instagram, @artaufromage posted their take, which literally spilled over the board and onto the table in a dramatically tasty way.

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Like traditional charcuterie boards that call for unique food pairings and flavor combinations to try, creating a chili board allows guests to serve themselves a meal exactly how they want. And while you may not technically think of chili as soup, it's still no forks allowed—so set out your spoons for everyone to enjoy a chunky bowlful, whether beef, turkey, chicken, or vegetarian-based. If you don't feel like cooking, takeout chili works—you just need to put together your selection of toppings.

Autumn colors and chili go hand-in-hand, so not only does a #chilicuterie board supply a taste of the season, it can also add to your home's fall decor.

Take your chili (still in its pot or Dutch oven), and place it in the center of a large cutting board or lazy Susan. If you need more room (and you probably will), use a plaid tablecloth or placemats as your "board." Add orange shredded cheddar cheese, yellow mini corn muffins, red diced tomatoes, and deep green jalapeños. Shredded Jack cheese, oyster crackers, fish crackers, cilantro, avocado slices, sour cream, and green onions also contribute to the themed spread. Turn it into a feast for your eyes as well as tastebuds with accessories like faux (or real) autumn leaves, pine cones, and acorns.

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While you and your friends may be cheering for opposing teams, everyone can agree that #chilicuterie boards are the real winners of game day.

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