Children Dropped From Window of Burning Apartment Block in Grenoble Caught by Residents Below

Two children were rescued from a burning apartment in Saint Martin d’Hères the outskirts of Grenoble on July 21.

The children were dropped one by one from the third-floor balcony of the burning building to a crowd that had gathered below.

Seeing the children preparing to jump made Souhaila Saidi, who lives in a nearby apartment, “anxious and stressed,” she told Storyful. “Luckily they jumped one after the other without being seriously injured,” she said.

Mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle congratulated residents on the “heroic rescue” of the two children, before wishing those who were injured in the rescue a speedy recovery.

“Hand in hand, they allowed the two little ones to get out unharmed from this drama,” Piolle wrote on Facebook. Credit: Souhaila Saidi via Storyful