Child Crashes Mom’s BBC Interview, Demands To Know Anchor’s Name

Valerie Williams

A little girl named Scarlett crashed her mom’s very important BBC interview and it’s everything

It’s probably been a minute since you thought about “BBC Dad,” aka, Dr. Robert E. Kelly. It was over three years ago that his entire family was thrust into the viral spotlight due to the hilarious hijinx that ensued when both of his small children invaded his home office during his very important BBC interview. Welp. Meet BBC Mom, aka, Dr. Clare Wenham, who appeared on BBC News to discuss the local coronavirus-related lockdowns in England while working from home with her young daughter in the background.

Yep. It’s pretty much deja vu of the most entertaining variety as the little girl interrupts her mom’s interview to rearrange a framed photo of a unicorn on a shelf. TBH, her interior design method of moving something around to different locations until forced to stop is pretty much exactly like mine, so I feel her.

Wenham was attempting to have a serious discussion about England’s lockdowns and her daughter was like, completely unbothered. The clip begins with Wenham setting her daughter down, so we can only assume she was crawling all over her as the interview was set to begin. Wenham, an assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics, didn’t miss a beat and kept the conversation going as her kiddo continued to do exactly what she wanted.

BBC anchor Christian Fraser handled it like a champ, engaging the young girl after asking Wenham her name. “She’s called Scarlett,” the doctor replies with a giggle. Fraser says, “Scarlett, I think it looks best on the lower shelf. And it’s a lovely unicorn.”

Fraser then tries to move on with the interview but Scarlett’s having none of it until the dude coughs up his name. “What’s his name? What’s his name mummy?” she asks insistently. He tells her and she continues to discuss the placement of her unicorn photo and where her mum might want it to go. Scarlett, please hang out with us. You’re the unbothered energy we need in these uncertain times.

Wenham, for her part, handled the disruption like the professional and mom that she is. With so many parents forced to work from home with their kids around constantly since the pandemic began, this bit of footage is extremely relatable. How many of us have had this struggle while on video calls with our children in the background? Just because Bob wants those reports in his email box by day’s end doesn’t mean your child is going to patiently wait for their snack or help wiping their butt. This is life now and Wenham’s interview captures that reality perfectly.

Kudos to Wenham for staying patient and chill under a circumstance when many of us would’ve rightly broken into a panicked sweat. Moms. Getting it done since forever.

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