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Chihuahua dad shares brilliant potty hack for wintertime: ‘You’re a genius’

This dog dad came up with the smartest hack for letting your dog comfortably do its business outside during the winter!

Damon Smith, aka Mr. Hey Now (@mrheynowandej) is the proud dog owner of a tiny chihuahua named Edna Jean. Damon loves dressing Edna Jean up in cute costumes and spoiling her with treats, and goes to great lengths to ensure his beloved pup has the best of everything.

Damon even came up with a brilliant hack to make sure Edna Jean’s tiny paws don’t get chilly when she goes outside to use the bathroom during the winter: He uses a carpet to protect a small patch of his yard from snow!

In a viral video that racked up more than 3 million views, Damon demonstrated exactly how his hack works. The video begins with Damon exiting his house and walking towards his yard. The grass is still green, but is covered in a thin layer of snow. Damon is dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. It’s clearly quite chilly outside.

Damon walks to the yard and bends over. He reaches down and begins to pull up what looks like a patch of snow. As he moves the blanket of snow, however, it is revealed to be a rug and not snow at all!

Damon peels the rug back to reveal a patch of grass without any snow on it at all. Instead of walking through the snow on her way to do her business, Edna Jean has a snow-free spot to use the bathroom!

“Potty place,” Damon explains as the video ends.

In a caption he writes, “People think I’m crazy.”

But viewers didn’t think he was crazy at all! In fact, they thanked him for the useful hack.

Anyone with a chihuahua knows you aren’t crazy. They’re divas,” one viewer wrote.

“This dog dad gets 11 out of 10,” another viewer commented.

“As someone with a little dog who refuses to walk in snow, you’re a genius!” commented another TikToker.

Damon truly goes above and beyond for his beloved pup!

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