Chick-fil-A customers are blown away by this ‘crazy’ chicken nugget hack

Why are Chick-fil-A fans freaking out over Just BARE chicken nuggets?. Apparently, the budget-saving, breaded chicken snacks taste “just like” the chain’s beloved nuggets. The Just BARE phenomenon started with a video from user @floridamomof3. After reviewing the nuggets with one of her daughters, the TikToker sparked a sensation around the snack. In the now-viral clip, @floridamomof3 and her daughter open the bag of freezer aisle nuggets — noting their striking resemblance to the ones at Chick-fil-A. The pair then heat up the chicken nuggets before putting them on a plate with Chick-fil-A sauce, which can now be purchased at select grocery stores. the mom and her daughter take a bite, sharing how “crazy” similar they find the taste. “You wouldn’t even know the difference,” @floridamomof3’s daughter says. The video has sparked a phenomenon online, with TikTok users calling the Just BARE nuggets a cost-saving “hack”