Chick-fil-A Accused Of Putting 'Profits Before People' With New Chicken Policy And Customers Are Not Happy: 'Bye Bye Chick-fil-A!'

chick fil a sign
chick fil a sign

Chick-fil-A has always been thought of as one of the more “higher quality” fast food restaurants, but with their latest announcement regarding their antibiotics policy, that may no longer be the case. Rather than maintaining their “No Antibiotics Ever” policy, the chain will be adhering to a new policy: “No Antibiotics Important to Human Medicine.” Keep reading for all the details.

Chick-fil-A Goes Back On Their 'No Antibiotics Ever' Policy

Chick-fil-A has always been proud of their good quality chicken, and claims to still stand by that value. "Serving quality food has always been our priority, especially when it comes to our chicken," the heading of its latest announcement reads.

In 2014, Chick-fil-A pledged to stop the use of any antibiotics on their chickens, creating the No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) policy. However, this pledge lasted just 10 years. Last week, the fast food chain released the following announcement:

"To maintain supply of the high-quality chicken you expect from us, Chik-fil-A will shift from No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) to No Antibiotics Important to Human Medicine (NAIHM) starting in the Spring of 2024."

"NAE means no antibiotics of any kind were used in raising the animal," the statement continues. "NAIHM restricts the use of those antibiotics that are important to human medicine and commonly used to treat people, and allows use of animal antibiotics only if the animal and those around it were to become sick."

Customers Are Furious Over New Chick-fil-A Antibiotics Policy

Ever since Chick-fil-A's announcement, customers have been sharing their disappointment with the fast food chain on social media. "Chick-fil-A going back on their no antibiotics ever commitment was not on my bingo card," one person tweeted. "It's been a good run."

"Bye bye Chick-fil-A!" another posted.

"Would rather them increase the price to keep the antibiotic-free chicken!" one customer wrote.

"Yet another company putting profits before people," another said.

"Guess I won't be going to Chick-fil-A again!" another said. "Shame because it was my favorite stop."

"Really letting their customers down..." a final customer posted. "Did they think there would be positive reception to this?"