'Chicago PD' Actor Shares Unrecognizable Throwback to His Teen Years

Patrick Flueger gifted curious fans a fun, seasonally-appropriate throwback photo of himself as a teenager.

On Friday, the Chicago P.D. star took to social media with the old photo that showed a younger Flueger with bleached hair posing shirtless in what appeared to be someone's home garden. Wearing just a pair of khaki shorts, the actor had also taped the flowers of two orange tiger lily plants to his chest and accessorized with some DIY "piercings" that included a set of pink daisy studs as well as a single yellow daisy over his eye, presumably to mock an eyebrow ring.

"My Fathers favorite photo of me as a pierced youth….obviously," Flueger, now 39, joked in the caption of the post shared to his Instagram grid on May 19. Before concluding with a simple winky face, he made sure to tag his dad, KC, and include a few key hashtags, like "#PiercedByFlowers," "#APortrait," "#YoureWelcomeDad," "#OldyButAGoody," and "#ItsNotHisFavorite."

The candid snap stirred quite a reaction from fans, the majority of whom seemed torn between laughing alongside the actor and begging for him to recreate the image.

"OMG I love that you posted this!! Made me laugh so hard Fluegs 😂😂," one top comment read.


"Flower Power Paddy 🌺🌸🌼," a third quipped.

Among the responses were a few jokes made by fans with love, of course.

One mocked Flueger's fashion at the time, asking, "What boyband were you in? 😂."

A second brought up just how different he looks without facial hair, "The power of the beard…."

"This should be the cover photo of your memoir 😁," someone else suggested with a smile.

While it's unclear exactly what year the photo is from, knowing what we do about trends and the life cycle of fashion, it's only a matter of time before cargo shorts and oversized floral jewelry is trendy again.

Season 10 of Chicago P.D. is currently airing on Wednesday nights via NBC.

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