Chicago Mother Kills 12-Year-Old Son Over Memory Card

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Crime Scene
Crime Scene

Source: KiddNation / Kidd Nation

A Chicago mother has been arrested and charged in the murder of her 12-year-old son. Fallon Harris, 37, is accused of shooting and killing her son, Kaden Ingram, after a dispute over a missing memory card, CBS reported.

Prosecutors from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office said that during the morning of September 11, Harris approached Ingram about a Secure Digital memory card that she took out of her car the night before. When Ingram told her he didn’t know where it was, she held him at gunpoint and continued to demand that he hand it over, video surveillance shows. When he didn’t, she shot him with a silver revolver, which is heard on the audio. The phone then rang and after she answered and ended the call, she went back to Ingram, who was still conscious and continued telling him to hand over the memory card. When he told her again that he didn’t know where it is, she shot him again. He later died at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

It’s reported that when Harris answered the phone, she told her family member on the phone that she shot Ingram over the SD card. They then called 911 and Harris’s husband and explained what happened. When police came to her home, Harris admitted she had shot Ingram.

Family members also told police that Harris was a licensed to carry concealed weapons and owned two guns. They said Harris had also been known to display paranoid behavior.

Harris is currently being held at the Cook County Jail without bond. A judge has ordered that Harris be evaluated as well, NBC noted. Public records show her next court date is September 17, 2021.