Chicago Man Has Luxury Car Stolen Twice in Three Hours. "Gone in 60 Seconds."

Getting a car stolen once would be stressful enough, but getting it stolen twice in the space of three hours is almost unbelievable—yet that's exactly what happened to Chicago man Corey Simons. Simons is the proud owner of a 2017 Jaguar SUV, which got carjacked twice on the same day. "I mean, who gets their car stolen two times in three hours?" he says. Here's what happened (twice), and how the luxury vehicle was recovered.


Carjacking Number 1

The first carjacking happened when Simons took his Jaguar for an oil change at a Chicago auto shop. A dark vehicle drove up, and two masked people exited the car. They walked up to the bay where Simons' car was being worked on, hopped in, and drove off.  "Masked individuals came in and just took the car and hijacked it," Simons said.


Officers Get the Car Back

Simons called the police, who turned up within minutes of the carjacking. Using the GPS tracker in the Jaguar, law enforcement managed to follow the stolen vehicle to East Garfield Park. 

"We found it on the west side of Chicago," Simons said. Police escorted Simons back to his vehicle, and he drove off to get gas.


Carjacking Number 2

Simons went to a nearby gas station to fill up the tank—which is when his fancy car got stolen for the second time. "I got out of my car, filled up with gas, and in hopped another individual that stole my car and drove off," Simons says, adding that he had left the car running while filling up. "Gone in 60 seconds or less. The nozzle was in the tank, gas was flying everywhere."


Recovered Again

Simons contacted the same officers who recovered his car the first time, telling them the startling news. "I contacted the two officers who helped me previously and said, 'you're never gonna believe this, but my car was stolen again,'" Simons said. This time the car was traced to Douglas Park. The car was recovered quickly, but thieves had already put stolen plates on it.


Lucky Man

Simons is grateful for the swift response of police officers both times. "Just a life lesson that we all need to be careful of our surroundings and just be smart and diligent," Simons says, adding that his friends and family have some good advice for him. "They're telling me to buy some lottery tickets at this point. Luck is on my side, just hopefully it'll be good luck this time."