This Chic "Purse" Is Actually a Lunchbox, and Our Work Days Will Never Be the Same

Katelyn Evans

Packing your lunch can sometimes seem like a lot of hassle. You have to meal prep, pack it, and carry it to work in a usually large or flimsy grocery bag. So why should you bother? Well, besides it being healthier, cheaper, and more convenient, it's now actually more stylish, too.

Modern Picnic lunch bags are a chic alternative to your old Velcro lunchbox and the red and white "thank you" bags from the corner deli. They look like a chic and stylish purse, and they also make packing your lunch eco-friendly! Modern Picnic lunch bags are made with organic fabrics that are much more sustainable than those plastic takeout bags.

Modern Picnic lunch bags are the perfect accessory for the working woman, from students and teachers to busy moms and moviegoers who want to bring their own snacks (or BYOB!). Keep reading to read more about these stylish lunchboxes, and get ready to purchase!


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