Chic Gucci Loafer Dupes That Look (Almost) Just Like the Real Deal

Mia Maguire
·1 min read

Loafer mules have been an enduring trend that’s undoubtedly withstood the test of time (not to mention the fickle cycle of trends season after season) since the ubiquitous Gucci Loafer slide hit the scene in 2017. It was the “it” shoe of the year, but its legacy (and popularity) continues to reign supreme. Thanks to Gucci’s luxe spinoff of the formerly lazy-day shoe, the loafer slide is no longer a glorified pajama slipper—it’s officially a veritable footwear staple that’s both undoubtedly chic and ridiculously comfortable.

Frankly, it makes perfect sense why this trend would go viral and stay on the sartorial radar for years to come; loafer mules are cozy AF, basically foolproof to style (they magically...

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