These Chic BH&G Storage Baskets Are My Secret to a Clutter-Free Home–and They’re Just $30 Each at Walmart

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I love them so much, I bought them twice.



Baskets and storage cubes have long been one of my favorite “tricks” for easy organizing in my small Brooklyn apartment. They make for elegant decor, and it takes mere seconds to toss all your odds and ends into them for a clutter-free home. In fact, I even use a bookshelf with woven storage cubes in my bedroom in lieu of a true dresser. And when I added a puppy to my home eight months ago, the clutter of his leashes, toys, extra treats, and other doggy accessories exploded. I quickly realized I needed to add more baskets to my living space to keep the mess in check.

However, if I have one gripe with storage baskets, it’s that they’re often pricey–especially for options that are big enough to store items like blankets, but still chic enough to keep out in the living room. So when I came across a set of two big, beautiful water hyacinth baskets from the Dave & Jenny Marrs for Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart for under $60, I was intrigued.



Buy it: Dave & Jenny Marrs for Better Homes & Gardens Natural and Black Water Hyacinth Baskets, ($59, Walmart)

When they arrived, I was immediately impressed. The quality was excellent for the price, the tasteful natural and black design matched my decor to a tee, they’re incredibly sturdy, and the 16.5 x 15.7-inch width and height perfectly fit under my entryway table. I also like that they have handles so you can easily carry them around, but that you can also quickly fold the handles in for a cleaner aesthetic. But what really blew me away was just how much I could fit in them.

In the slightly smaller basket, I easily fit all of my dog’s leashes, harnesses, coats, and bandanas. The larger basket proved the ultimate solution for all his toys, puzzles, brushes, and extra treats. And voilà–just like that, my living room was finally tidy once again.

In fact, I ended up loving these affordable baskets so much that I bought another set to go on the side of my couch to keep all my magazines and extra throw blankets. And when I told my sister about them, she immediately ordered them, too, to keep all her newborn’s many accessories tidy in her nursery.

Whether you have animals, kids, or live in a small space, these baskets are the easiest way to organize all your extras, from toys to hats to blankets. And since similar style and size options can easily cost $80 or more per basket, these well-made woven baskets are a serious steal at just $30 apiece. Snag a set (or two!) of these affordable Dave & Jenny Marrs for Better Homes & Gardens Baskets while you can.

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