Chevy Chase's bridge-burning latest interview takes on Kristen Wiig, Donald Glover and Will Ferrell

Corrine Corrodus
Chase at the US Open, September 7, 2018 - Getty Images North America
Chase at the US Open, September 7, 2018 - Getty Images North America

Chevy Chase may be sober and ready to work again, but that doesn't mean that the disgraced comedian and actor is going to stop freely speaking his mind. 

In a scathing new interview with The Washington Post, Chase gave his frank opinions on Donald Glover, Kirsten Wiig and the current state of the show he once hosted, Saturday Night Live.  

Earlier this year, Chase found himself in hot water when a profile of Glover in The New Yorker saw Community creator Dan Harmon accuse Chase of disrupting Glover's scenes and making racial jokes, such as: "People think you’re funnier because you’re black."

In the Washington Post interview, Chase said that while he probably made the statement, it would have been intended as a joke, but knows that the revelation did not help his already precarious work situation – and Glover's suggestion to the magazine that Chase was simply angry that "his reign [as a comedian was] over", hardly helped matters. 

The comedian said he texted Glover: "There goes my career," and said that when he next saw Glover, the actor and singer (Childish Gambino) was noticeably pale. "I never saw a guy turn white so fast," he said. 

Donald Glover attends the Fox Emmy Party, September 17, 2018 - Credit: AFP
Donald Glover attends the Fox Emmy Party, September 17, 2018 Credit: AFP

With regards to the current state of Saturday Night Live, Chase said: "I’m amazed that Lorne [Michaels, SNL co-creator] has gone so low. I had to watch a little of it, and I just couldn’t f------ believe it."

Regarding the popularity of the show, Chase said: "That means a whole generation of shitheads laughs at the worst f------ humour in the world. You know what I mean? How could you dare give that generation worse s--- than they already have in their lives? It just drives me nuts."

Chase also said that Will Ferrell's impression of George Bush was "not funny" and that he couldn't believe the actor "makes $25 million [per film]."

When discussing actress Kirsten Wigg, he lamented the fact that he hadn't seen her for a while, and gave her bonus points for her attractiveness: "I liked her a lot. She had two things going for her. She had clear-cut chops, and she was pretty, too. But what happened to her? Where did she go?"

Chase did not stop there, as he moved on to Eddie Murphy and suggested that his race made his impressions easier to pull off: "I thought Eddie Murphy was funny. Gumby. I found that funny and people loved that... Stevie Wonder, he did well. It’s not that hard, for Christ’s sake. Your skin’s the same colour. You just put on some sunglasses and do this."

Despite his penchant to stick his foot in his mouth, Chase admitted that negative press does get to him: "I guess the part they don’t write about is where I’m lying in bed, hurt by that, not going to sleep but thinking it over, why would somebody write that?" he said.

"I'm highly sensitive. I don’t know it in my insensitive self."