Cheryl Burke shares her quarantine obsessions

Cheryl Burkes shares her favorites items during her quarantine.

Video Transcript

CHERYL BURKE: Hey, guys. I'm Cheryl Burke. And I'm about to tell you what I've been obsessed with during quarantine.


Masks obviously. I actually had a weird passion for masks about two, three years ago before the pandemic. This is going to be the new holiday line, actually, that you see here. And inside, we have a lining that's black. So for women who have lipstick on, obviously you don't want to like look in your mask and see a bunch of lipstick everywhere.

They have adjustable straps. And the construction is made out of that scuba material. It stands up on its own, and it doesn't touch the rim of your nose or your mouth. So you're able to breathe.

Skims, oh my gosh. The material is so amazing. This is obviously Kim Kardashian's line of undergarments. I've been wearing a lot of Skims during rehearsal as well. So they got cute tanks you can either wear underneath as a layering piece or just as-- you know, in LA right now it's 85 degrees, so this would be perfect.

Bose headphones-- love these things. This definitely has saved my life during quarantine because I've been listening to so many podcasts, and so much Audible, and so many self-help stuff, and YouTube, you name it. I also started a new podcast with AJ, actually, and it's called "Pretty Messed Up." It's our team name.

And we actually knew each other before we danced with each other because we were going to start this podcast. And he goes, I think I'm doing "Dancing with the Stars." And I was like, you better request me, [? tattoo, ?] us dancing together.

Diamond painting-- this is like a paint by numbers I guess is how you can compare a little bit. So you follow this key, I guess you could say, that has the color, and you just match it up. It doesn't take a lot of brainpower. And this helps for sure make the time go by so fast. You know, if you're stuck at home, why not do a little arts and crafts for the soul?

Meditation-- so I was one to always be like, there's no way in hell. Like, I cannot do meditation. I can't sit still, nor can I not have my phone in my hand. Well, let me tell you guys, this has been like totally life changing. zivaONLINE, it's a 14-day course on meditation. And Emily Fletcher is amazing, and she created the very first online course on meditation really ever. It's just 20 minutes a day. She guides you through it. It's mantra based. And it just has changed my life, actually. Thank you guys for checking out my quarantine obsessions in "New in the Q."