Chelsea Lazkani's Husband Literally Gifted Her A Birkin For Her Bday

chelsea lazkani selling sunset husband jeff lazkani
Who Is Chelsea Lazkani’s Husband, Jeff Lazkani?Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images
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Chelsea Lazkani joined Selling Sunset during season 6, and she’s been a serious power player at the Oppenheim Group brokerage ever since. You can count on Chelsea to ~bring it~ in the fashion department and share her opinion on practically everything, from real estate prices to Bre Tiesi’s relationship dynamic with Nick Cannon. And of course, Season 7, which just hit the streamer on Nov. 3, is no exception.

The latest season kicks off with Chelsea’s husband Jeff Lazkani throwing her a totally over-the-top 30th birthday bash (these are the O Group realtors I'm talking about). And of course, Chelsea gushes about her husband during a speech to the crowd gathered.

"Go for the guy that loves their family, loves the people around him," she says. "That's this guy right here. This guy changed my life. He's shown me what love really is, and love is what we have."

She also made a hilarious comment about his "fly" style (Jeff was wearing a very arty suit to the party), adding, "I always believe that you should go for the studious, nerdy tech guy, because then you can always figure out how to dress him."

Jeff follows this impassioned speech from his wife by gifting Chelsea her "first Birkin" bag in front of everyone. This tech guy's loving and generous!

And while Chelsea's hubs has popped up on the show here and there in the past, it’s understandable if you have questions about who he is, exactly, after watching this scene. So, what’s the deal with Chelsea’s other half? Here’s what you need to know.

Who is Jeff Lazkani?

Chelsea is married to Jeff Lazkani, and he appears several times throughout the past two seasons of Selling Sunset.

“You’re the most selfless, caring, funny, cheeky and most handsome person I know. I can’t describe how blessed I feel to share life and love with you,” she wrote in a sweet Instagram tribute to Jeff on their first anniversary.

When they got married, Chelsea shared some photos from the day on Instagram with the caption, "This weekend was a fairytale, I couldn't have wished for anything more. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of love over the last couple of days. To see family & friends come together from all over the world to celebrate our union is indescribable."

Where is he from?

Jeff is actually a native Californian. He went to college at the University of San Diego, per LinkedIn. He’s also a “die-hard Laker’s fan,” according to his official company bio.

How long have Jeff and Chelsea been married?

These two tied the knot back in 2017. They originally met on Tinder, after Chelsea moved to LA.

“We spoke about 15 times before getting together,” Chelsea told the Daily Mail. “I don’t want to waste my time and give my energy to somebody if I don’t think it will be worth it. I felt like I knew him before we even met and the connection was immediate.”

Apparently, Chelsea only meant to stay in LA for a "short break" but ended up staying because she fell in love, per her Instagram post.

Do they have any kids?

Yup, the couple has two kids: a son named Maddox, 4, and a daughter named Melia, 3. The two have shown up briefly on Selling Sunset.

Chelsea posts a lot of sweet pics of their two kiddos. "Best kind of days ❤️," she captioned one of the fam enjoying some R&R.

What does Jeff Lazkani do?

Jeff works in media and PR. Specifically, he's the managing partner at Icon Media Direct, according to LinkedIn.

Here's just a sampling of what that title means thanks to his LinkedIn bio: “Jeff Lazkani instinctively understands when, where and how brands need to be positioned to drive customer acquisition. As Managing Partner of Icon Media Direct, Jeff is a pioneer at the forefront of cutting edge Martech trends and a leader of the industry's pre-eminent TV/CTV performance agency.”

He's been with his company for more than 15 years and “spends his time setting strategic goals and objectives, supervising daily activities, monitoring performance, and driving business growth,” his bio says. So, go Jeff!

What is his net worth?

It’s actually not clear what his net worth is, but seeing as he and Chelsea live quite the lavish life in LA, chances are pretty good that he makes a chunk of change.

Chelsea pulls her own weight though, too, with her lucrative O Group commission checks. She sells some massive mansions this season, with one commission check of $300,000. In the first episode, he throws his wife a massive birthday party and gifts her a Birkin bag, which runs in the six-figure range.

You can catch all the best Jeff and Chelsea Lazkani scenes on Selling Sunset season 7, streaming now on Netflix.

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