Chelsea Handler Went Topless While Skiing—And Her Abs Are Next-Level Killer

Photo credit: John Parra - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Parra - Getty Images
  • Chelsea Handler just dropped some epic skiing content via a new Instagram video.

  • In the clip, the comedian is skiing down a serious slope topless with a joint in one hand—and a drink in the other. But let me tell you, I couldn’t stop looking at her super-sculpted abs!

  • Her fitness secret? She does a lot of weight and resistance training on the regular.

Chelsea Handler has had a thing for going out in the snow in minimal clothing lately—and more power to her. First, she shared a pic of herself wearing a weed-print bikini on skis and now she’s actually skiing topless in bikini briefs.

Chelsea dropped the proof on Instagram over the weekend to celebrate her 47th birthday (HBD, Chelsea!). In the clip, Chelsea is topless with pasties that represent the Canadian and American flags and she's cruising effortlessly down a mountain on skis. She’s also clutching a drink and looks beyond thrilled.

“47 💙 Doing all the things I love with the man I love,” the comedian wrote in the caption.

Naturally, all her A-list friends cheered her on in the comments section: “This is exactly what I needed today. Good for you Chelsea absolutely love this 🔥🔥🔥,” wrote Jillian Harris. “You’re my hero,” Kerry Washington commented. “Woooooohoooooo!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️” said Viola Davis.

Even Chelsea’s trainer, Ben Bruno, chimed in with: “Happy birthday, Chelsea! Lookin’ good.” Truth!

And while Chelsea’s been big on skiing content lately, that’s not all she does for fitness. Bruno shared several videos of Chelsea completely crushing her (intense) workouts in the gym. In one, Chelsea is working her way through some challenging moves like a single-leg body saw (where she does a forearm plank and uses a slider under one foot to move it back and forth while lifting her other leg). She followed that up with weighted hanging leg raises, where she’s suspended from gymnastic rings with a medicine ball between her feet—that she moves up and down toward her chest. Bruno pointed out her “serious core strength” in the caption. And, fair.

Chelsea told People that she’s had a shift in how she approaches working out. “To me, working out is about being strong in your body for your health, while before it was about being physically looking good,” she said. “Now I’m like, I have to mentally be strong in order to work hard and get s— done. It makes you feel better. At a certain age you’re just like, okay. I mean obviously I want to look good too, but it becomes more about being mentally strong.”

Naturally, Chelsea eats well to stay in such amazing shape. She previously told Women’s Health that she eats every three to four hours to try to help keep her blood sugar levels stable. “When you consistently feed your body, you have less of an inclination to [overeat]," she said.

On a typical day, Chelsea will have celery juice before her workout, followed by scrambled egg whites with avocado and Parmesan cheese. Lunch could be grilled oysters with a side of veggies or turkey wrapped in iceberg lettuce with mustard and mayo.

For dinner, she likes to have turkey meatballs, which she shared that she likes to heat up with tomato sauce. Chelsea said she’s also changed her outlook on food. “It's there to serve me and help me function,” she said.


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