Chef boyfriend ‘forbids’ girlfriend from using his kitchen tools: ‘She thought I overreacted’

A former chef is “forbidding” his live-in girlfriend from using his kitchen equipment.

He shared his reasoning on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. He has expensive kitchen equipment, some of it 10 to 15 years old. He also has cheap, low-quality equipment that he told his girlfriend was for people he doesn’t trust in his kitchen.

But in the past two years since she moved in, she has damaged his expensive equipment. He began to notice scratches on nonstick pans and dents in knives and pots. She has always ignored his requests despite him telling her how to care for his items.

“Last week I came home and to my horror I saw my 5 liter cast iron pot filled up with water that had dishwasher soap in it,” he explained.

The cast iron pot was one that he inherited and had been seasoning for 15 years.

“I snapped and told my girlfriend that she’s not allowed to use my expensive equipment anymore,” he said.

Now, she is upset because she is relegated to using his low-quality equipment.

“She thought I overreacted but I refused to budge,” he wrote.

People thought his girlfriend should have respected his equipment from the start.

“You explained how to properly clean and care for your stuff and she isn’t doing it,” a person wrote.

“It’s clear she doesn’t see your things are valuable or important,” another said.

“At this point it’s willful incompetence, and it ain’t cute,” someone commented.

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