Make Your Cheeseboard Look Way More Professional With This Easy Trick

Charcuterie board with wine

At this point, is it even a party if there's not a cheeseboard? The array of goudas and cheddars and brie, plus some tasty nuts and fruit and crackers, is a crowd-pleaser and is also a fun way to express your culinary creativity (salami roses, anyone?).

But building a cheeseboard can also be a little stressful. You want it to look as pretty as possible, but you might not have as much practice (or natural talent) as some of the folks you see on your social media feed. Thankfully those same folks are willing to share their tips and tricks to help you level up your cheeseboard.

One of the coolest tips we've seen recently focuses on slicing cheese into even pieces, which is one of the details that gives your cheeseboard a professional look. Sure, you could buy the packs of pre-sliced cheese, but they're not always the type of cheese you want and they're usually more expensive than buying a block and slicing it yourself. You could also not sweat the details, but we bet if you're building your own cheeseboard you're probably also a detail-oriented person.

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Jacqueline Vignona, the creator behind @spreadthegrub, shows us how to use a fork to help you slice cheese evenly. The tip is super simple: Grab a fork (any fork will do) and lightly poke the tines into the long side of your block of cheese. The tines will create little evenly spaced holes down the length of the cheese that can be used as cutting guides. If you struggle with cutting even cheese slices and straight slices (this cook raises her hand), you might want to consider doing a row of fork holes on the other long side for a little extra insurance.

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