Check Out the New Trailer for Post-Pandemic Anthology Drama ‘Normal Ain’t Normal’

·1 min read

Rosario Dawson co-stars and serves as the producer of Normal Ain’t Normal, a forthcoming scripted anthology series exploring the daily lives of people as the world emerges from a global pandemic. Slated for release on Buzzfeed next month, the series was created by Yvan Iturriaga and Josh Healey out of a partnership between BuzzFeed and Offsides Productions.

While the trailer is just a minute long, it offers a glimpse at how the anthology’s characters are forced to adapt to post-pandemic life in Oakland, California. From being overworked at their jobs to dealing with recurring rent hikes, their struggles emphasize the importance of neighbors relying on one another and coming together as a community.

Alongside Dawson, the main cast includes D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai and Martin Sensmeier. Each of the anthology's four episodes will center on a different character and their unique experience.

Watch the new trailer for Normal Ain’t Normal above. The series premieres on Buzzfeed on September 27.

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