How to Check the Phone Model on Your Android

You can check the back of the phone, in the Settings app, or a third-party app

  • Remove the case from your phone if it has one, and check the back for the model name.

  • Open Settings > About Phone > Model to see the model number.

  • The Play Store will have apps capable of displaying your phone’s model name along with other useful information.

This article explains how to check the phone model on your Android.

How to Check the Model of an Android Phone

Due to the vast number of Android phone manufacturers each of which maintains multiple lines of phones, it isn’t always apparent how to find out what model you have. If you’re lucky, the model is printed somewhere on the phone itself along with the name of the manufacturer, but that doesn’t always tell the entire story either.

For example, a manufacturer can reuse the same model name with yearly hardware updates that aren’t reflected in the name that’s printed on the device. In that case, you’ll need to look deeper.

Here are the main ways you can find out the model of an Android phone:

  • Check the phone to see if it has the model name printed on the back.

  • Look in the Settings app.

  • Use a third-party app.

Where to Find the Model Name of an Android Phone

Some Android manufacturers print the model name of each phone on the device itself, but that isn’t always the case. The name of the manufacturer isn’t even always present, as some manufacturers choose to place a simple logo on the phone instead of the full name.

For example, Google Pixel phones only have a simple G logo instead of any mention of Google or Pixel. In a similar vein, OnePlus phones typically have the OnePlus logo, which is a box with the number one in the middle and a plus in one corner, instead of the brand and model name.

It’s still worth checking your phone for a model name though since it’s quick and easy. Just remove the phone from its case, flip it over, and check the back. You may see a logo, a brand name, or both a brand name and a model name. Samsung phones often have the model name printed on the back, as do some others.

How to Find the Model of an Android Phone in the Settings App

Most Android phones allow you to check the model in the Settings app, specifically in the About or About this Phone section. If your phone doesn’t have the model name printed on it, this is the next place to check.

Here’s how to find the model of an Android phone in the Settings app:

Open Settings, and scroll down.

Tap About Phone.

The device name here may reflect the model of your phone, but don’t rely on it. This name can be changed, which is why you need to scroll down for more options.

Scroll down, and tap Model.

Look where it says Model to see the model of your phone.

You can also see your phone’s serial number and hardware version here, so you may want to make note of them as well in case your phone has been available with different hardware revisions.

How to Find the Model of an Android Phone in a Third Party App

If you’re having trouble finding the model of your phone in the Settings app, you can check it using a third party app from the Google Play store. There are a number of apps that can accomplish this task, but the following instructions specifically show how to check the model of your phone using the Droid Hardware Info app. In addition to displaying the exact model of your phone, this app also provides a lot of other useful information about your device hardware.

Here’s how to find the model of an Android phone using Droid Hardware Info:

Navigate to the Play Store entry for Droid Hardware Info, and tap Install.

:Get Droid Hardware Info from Google Play

Tap Open.

Tap ALLOW > While using this app.

You can tap CANCEL, but some information won’t be available.

Tap ALLOW > Allow.

If you don't want to save a PFD file of your hardware information, you can tap CANCEL instead.

Check the Model field to see the model name of your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the version of Android on my phone?

If your phone accepts updates, you'll need to: Open Settings > System > About Phone > System updates > Check for update and tap to start.

How do I update apps on Android?

There are two ways to update: Automatically and manually. Automatically: Open Settings > Network preferences > Auto-update apps, then Over any network or Over Wi-Fi only. Updating over any network could potentially use a lot of data, so if you are on a mobile plan with limited data we suggest the Wi-Fi-only selection. Manually: Manage apps & device > See details, then Update all, or Update any app(s) you want to update.