We just found the perfect Father's Day gift for the fancy 'wine dad' in your life

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Make wine night even better with this must-have wine accessories. (Source: iStock)
Make wine night even better with this must-have wine accessories. (Source: iStock)

Father's Day is just around the corner. If your dad enjoys wine, we’ve found a practical gift he is certain to appreciate. Coravin’s wine saver has amazing technology that will keep wine fresh for longer amounts of time.

Thanks to Coravin’s technology, your wine will stay fresh longer

(Source: Amazon)
(Source: Amazon)

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Wine can be quite expensive, so it’s a shame that opening a bottle puts a time limit on how long it can be enjoyed. Fortunately, this wine saver by Coravin helps extend the shelf life of an opened wine bottle.

Although wine is often fermented for years before being sold, opened bottles don’t typically last more than a few days. It’s here where this wine saver prolongs the freshness of your wine. With this device, you can get wine straight from the bottle without even needing to remove the cork.

Simply use Coravin’s wine needle to pierce the cork and pour yourself a glass. The wine will pour smoothly, while 100% food-grade argon gas replaces the empty space inside the bottle.

Father’s Day gift for the wine sommelier in your family

Reviewers on Amazon appreciate this product for its money-saving capabilities. Take a look at what a verified-purchase reviewer has to say about the Coravin wine saver:

“Easy to manipulate and to extract wine from the bottle. The taste of any wine days after using it remained the same. It's really incredible. I truly recommend!”

The device isn’t complex to use, but it provides specific and clear instructions. Their Amazon store page provides a video to help you understand how it operates.

If you find that your wine-loving dad isn’t often able to finish a bottle before it goes bad, you may want to consider this wine-saving option for him.

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