Check Out The Most 🔥 Orange Wigs on 'Cosmo Queens'

Annabel Iwegbue
·1 min read
Check Out The Most 🔥 Orange Wigs on 'Cosmo Queens'

From Cosmopolitan

Each week on 'Cosmo Queens,' we're joined by the most elite drag queens so that they can flex their insane hair & makeup talents on us mere mortals. So allow me to break down today's edition for you in terms you might understand. The Cosmo Queens 'Best of' compilations are akin to maybe the Oscars. Or like, the Golden Globes at least. These selections feature the looks that really wowed us, and their super intense soundtracks always make the stakes feel higher. I live for the drama of it all. Anyways, the category for today's extreme highlight reel is.... fiery orange wigs! 🔥🍊🧡

There have been quite a few queens on the series who knew exactly how to incorporate a boldly colored mane. When it comes to the queens included in this video, their orange hair actually elevates the vibe of all their ensembles. Bone straight, voluminous, or wavy, these wigs are just 💯.

Warning: this video may prompt you to spend approx. 20 minutes using the IG hair color filter to determine if bright orange could work on you. Don't say I didn't warn you. Watch the full video to see how all of these looks come together, and decide for yourself which one is your personal favorite.

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