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Curtains are necessary for decorating almost any room unless you plan to rely on blinds or shutters alone. In essence, a room with windows is a room that needs curtains, and the right pair of curtains can elevate your home decor. Window coverings can also help to control light, sound transfer and temperature levels. However, curtains are often last on the list when making new decor decisions. Once you remember that you need them and realize how important they are, you’re going to want to know about the best places to buy curtains.

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While the idea of picking out curtains may bore some of you, the good news is that curtains can be both functional and fashionable. While the fashion side of it might be evident in terms of different colors, patterns, lengths and fabric, you may be surprised at just how functional curtains can be. Here are some of the best benefits:

  • Privacy – You should be able to decide when and who can see into your home. It would help if you had a decent pair of curtains made of quality material and the right size for your window for actual control of this.

  • Warmth – Curtains can help to keep heat in and cold out. Equally, window hangings are also a great way to keep the warmth out when it’s too hot outside, helping you save on air conditioning costs.

  • Soundproofing – You can control noise transfer from the outside to your home with curtains because the soft materials absorb sound and limit the noise transfer from one space to another.

  • Lighting – Curtains are the best way to control natural light in a room. They’re also great at blocking out any unwanted glow from streetlights, passing cars or sirens at night. Whether blackout, semi-sheer or sheer curtains are best for you depends on your surroundings, how much of a deep sleeper you are and whether you have any integrated blinds or shutters on your windows. Blackout curtains are best for those who want total darkness, whereas sheer curtains will allow more light into dark rooms. Semi-sheer is the option that lies nicely between the two.

Whether you’re picturing a thick pair of blackout curtains, some luxurious, velvet drapes or kitsch valances, we’ve selected the best places to buy curtains online. The best curtains for you are sure to be available in the links below with this impressive range of available products on these retailers’ websites.

1. Wayfair


With styles to suit all color schemes and styles, Wayfair is at the top of our list when it comes to the best places to buy curtains. Wayfair is a reliable retailer for quality, home-focused products, including its impressive range of window dressing. To top it off, Wayfair is well known for hosting frequent sales and cutting the prices on some highly sought-after styles such as these classic beauts.

Best place to buy curtains wayfair
Best place to buy curtains wayfair

Buy: Wayfair Curtains

2. Amazon


Amazon is the website for everything, even curtains. You’d have to think long and hard to come up with something Amazon doesn’t sell, so you’re likely to find the pair of curtains you’re looking for in its vast range of styles and brands. One of the best reasons for shopping at Amazon is the fantastic range of price points it offers, including some seriously budget-friendly options backed by excellent customer reviews. Plus, if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can have new curtains at your door and installed in just two days.

Best place to buy curtains amazon
Best place to buy curtains amazon

Buy: Amazon Curtains $36.88

3. Bed Bath & Beyond


They weren’t exaggerating when they added the ‘Beyond’ onto Bed Bath & Beyond. This home store has everything you need, from the bedroom to the bathroom to every other space in your humble abode. The retailer is a great place to buy curtains if you want to revamp an entire room, not just your window fixtures. Once you’ve selected your curtains of choice, you can search through the copious amount of rugs, bed sets and home accessories to match.

Best place to buy curtains bed bath beyond
Best place to buy curtains bed bath beyond

Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond Curtains

4. Magic Linens


When it comes to linen curtains, Magic Linens is the place to go. With an in-depth range of colors and cuts, these linen curtains can add a sense of luxury to your home in one simple set. Most of its curtains fall within the $50 to $100 range. However, some options are under $50 if your budget doesn’t stretch to the top of its range.

Best place to buy curtains magic linen
Best place to buy curtains magic linen

Buy: Magic Linens Curtains

5. Target


Loaded with a vast range of curtains to choose from, Target is the place to buy curtains for anyone looking for the best on a budget, which is especially important when you’re trying to decorate your first home. Target stocks a range of known and lesser-known brands, all of which the store has carefully selected to deliver quality and style at affordable prices. Eclipse, Project 62 and Room Essentials are just three of the many names you’ll come across when searching through its offerings. Plus, you can filter by length, price and customer rating on the website to help whittle down your search and find more of what you’re looking for.

Best place to buy curtains target
Best place to buy curtains target

Buy: Target Curtains

6. Pottery Barn


If you’ve just moved into your forever home and are looking to deck the place out in premium products and fancy furnishings, Pottery Barn is likely to be the home retailer for you. While shopping for your new curtains from their range of barn-inspired, shabby chic designs, you can also add some furniture, a rug or perhaps a lamp to your basket. Shoppers looking for premium products all around, this is the curtain retailer for you.

Best place to buy curtains pottery barn
Best place to buy curtains pottery barn

Buy: Pottery Barn Curtains

7. Overstock


Overstock is, in fact, overstocked with a range of curtain options to suit all wallet sizes. From extremely budget-friendly options to a selection for those who want to splash out on home furnishings, this is one store where you find just about anything and everything. When shopping on the website, you can also use the fantastic filtering options to find the style you’re looking for, whether driven by length, material, price, header style or light filtration.

overstock curtains online
overstock curtains online

Buy: Overstock Curtains

8. Urban Outfitters


Although Urban Outfitters doesn’t have the most extensive range of curtains, its offerings are filled with unique designs and stylish accessories. As well as traditional drapes, this trendy retailer has a few beaded curtains and other cute accessories to choose from, too. While most of the best places to buy curtains focus on curtains alone or home decor in general, Urban Outfitters provides shoppers with the finer details, too, such as tie-back accessories to hold your curtains out the way when you choose to have the entire window clear.

urban outfitters curtains
urban outfitters curtains

Buy: Urban Outfitters Curtains

9. The Shade Store


Windows come in all shapes and sizes, which is why The Shade Store is often the best place to buy curtains. This store offers complete customization from material to size. As soon as you open the website, a pop-up window shows the swatches available to inspire your selection. Additionally, Design Consultants are available to guide you through the ordering process.

the shade store curtains online
the shade store curtains online

Buy: The Shade Store Curtains

10. Anthropologie


Shopping at Anthropologie is not for the faint-hearted. Those who purchase curtains from this retailer are really trying to make a statement. This store is best known for its standout style, bold colors, and detailed patterns, whether on clothes, accessories, furniture, or curtains. Although Anthropologie’s designs are not to everyone’s taste, there’s no denying the unbeatable quality and attention to detail. Don’t be surprised to see some pompoms or colorful fringing on these curtains!

anthropologie curtains online retail
anthropologie curtains online retail

Buy: Anthropologie Curtains

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