These Are the Cheapest Places to Live for Digital Nomads

Time to add Spanish to your Duolingo lineup.

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Some 17.3 million Americans self-identified as digital nomads in 2023, according to a survey by MBO Partners. And if you want to join them in their live and work anywhere lifestyle, then the travel booking website Omio has some suggestions.

Omio shared new research revealing the cheapest places for Americans to work abroad. It came to its conclusion after analyzing several key factors, including the cost of living index, rent index, safety index, mobility, internet speeds, and the cost of visas in various nations, using data via, Investopedia,, and more. After looking at the data, the research team found that Colombia is indeed the cheapest place for Americans to work abroad as digital nomads.

Colombia ranked in the No. 1 spot thanks to its high number of coworking spaces, fast internet speeds, low cost of living, and the availability of a digital nomad visa. However, the one note the team added is that the visa, which allows you to live and work in the country for up to 24 months, will cost you more than $600. Those looking to obtain a digital nomad visa in Colombia must also show proof of an income of “at least 3 legal minimum wages during the last 3 months,” according to Colombia’s tourism office. (It’s critical to note that the digital nomad visa is not the same as a work visa. It does not allow you to work in Colombia, but rather, you must make an income elsewhere.)

And there’s one more reason you may want to consider moving to Colombia for a few years: it’s super cool. And we’re not the only ones saying that. In Time Out’s 2023 Coolest Neighborhoods survey, the publication’s readers named Laureles, a neighborhood in the middle of Medellin, as the coolest neighborhood on Earth. “The laid-back but still quintessentially Colombian patch of this animated city is a renowned nightlife hotspot — but also a place to flock to for great parks, coffee, and yoga studios,” Time Out shared about the neighborhood.

As for who else made the top 10 best places for digital nomads, Omio named Sri Lanka in second, followed by Turkey, Bali, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Ecuador, Vietnam, and Namibia. Of course, if you’re going to be a digital nomad, you could always choose to spend a few months in each of these destinations, right?

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