Charlotte Tilbury Just Made Beauty and Motorsports History

Get in baes, we're going racing—with Charlotte Tilbury and F1 Academy, that is. The beauty brand made history as the first-ever female-founded brand (and beauty brand) to become a sponsor of the 2024 F1 Academy, which aims to support the preparation and development of female drivers in racing competitions. This partnership also marks the makeup brand's first global sports sponsorship, too.

The partnership, led by Susie Wolf, the Managing Director of F1 Academy, comes as another step in the recent spike of collaborations between beauty brands, athletes and sports teams as a means to spotlight women's interests, accomplishments and viewership in sports. “With this partnership, we will use our global platform to elevate this new generation of fearless young female drivers and open up the traditionally male-dominated world of motorsport to even more talented young women,” Tilbury said in a statement on the brand's website. In short, Charlotte Tilbury and F1 Academy aim to boost female drivers careers and amplify their achievements and talents to bring more awareness to sports opportunities for women.


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As for the glamorous part of this partnership, a customized motorsport car, helmet and racing suit have all been decked out in the beauty brand's signature colors of night crimson and rose gold, as well as having the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips icon printed all over the car with the founder's mantra, "Makeup Your Destiny!" on the sides and front. Charlotte Tilbury has also pledged to raise awareness of the fifteen inspiring young drivers in the program, who are all aged 16–25. In fact, the iconic Charlotte Tilbury motorsport car will be driven by 18-year-old Lola Lovinfosse, who’s been racing since 2018.

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