How Charlie Razook’s cancer journey inspired him to start clean men’s personal care brand, Jackfir

Charlie Razook (@charlierazook) is providing clean, high quality skincare products for men with his up-and-coming beauty company, Jackfir. As a cancer survivor, Razook’s perseverance, along with his unique perspective on the human body, helped propel him into the competitive beauty space, creating a successful brand that inspires healthy lifestyles and sustainable skincare.

Razook grew up in Westchester, just outside of New York City, and shares that he “always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” but it was being diagnosed with cancer that inspired his interest in personal care products. “I knew one day I would want to start a business, and it just so happened that after becoming sick, I pivoted into personal care when I realized all of the toxins that were in our traditional products,” he says.

In June 2018, Razook was in the middle of his MBA program, when he experienced a six-month period of not feeling well. After seeing multiple doctors who couldn’t figure out the source of his sickness, he was eventually diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “I checked in to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for 5 weeks, and that was the beginning of three and a half years of treatment for leukemia,” Razook tells In The Know.

Once out of recovery, Razook was left with unanswered questions about the source of his diagnoses, and used that lack of information to create a change in his lifestyle. “When they couldn’t tell me why I got sick, I became very health conscious,” he says. “I started researching into healthy living, and I was like, ‘Ok, what else am I interacting with on a daily basis?’”

Razook started by examining his household cleaners and his medicine cabinet, and noticed that many of his daily products were packed with chemicals. “From there, anything that fit my criteria for ‘clean’ was a women’s product,” says the entrepreneur. “I had no problem using those, but I knew that I had friends who would.”

Razook worked to fill the gap he noticed in the skincare industry, and eventually launched Jackfir (@ohjackfir) in August 2022. Jackfir launched with a classic daily facial moisturizer, a daily facial cleanser, and a shave cream. “I wanted anything that you would consider [part of] your core skincare routine,” says Razook.

Alongside the launch of the products was the launch of the Jackfir Cabin, a cozy storefront in New York City that functions both as a homebase for customers and as a testing center for prospective customers. “We wanted to immediately have a touchpoint for in-person interactions with the customers,” says Razook. “I know it’s very hard to get customers to switch their skincare routines up, so I wanted the option for trial in New York and hopefully we can expand that further at a later date.”

Razook likes that Jackfir products feel like traditional products, but the brand’s proprietary scents, which pay homage to the Adirondack Mountains where Razook grew up visiting as a kid, help set the products apart.

Jackfir is currently focused on skincare and personal care, but Razook knows that this is just the beginning of his brand’s hike, and he has his sights set on the peak. “We’d love to be the go-to base ultimately for all men’s needs,” he says. “Our goal is to make you look and feel your best and we just want to give you an option that works, that won’t add to your toxic burden [and] doesn’t have unnecessary chemicals.”

As Jackfir continues to blossom, the connection between the brand and its founder remains the core value of the company and its products.

“Jackfir is definitely innately tied to me and my story,” he tells In The Know. “It’s a reflection of living an unhealthy lifestyle and being able to change to a healthier lifestyle. Changing my diet, changing my skincare routine, becoming more knowledgeable about wellness—I think that all men can do this.”

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