Charlie Daniels’ Packing Must Haves and Take-Home Souvenirs

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(Photo: Gibson Guitars)

When it comes to traveling, Grammy Winner and Grand Ole Opry member Charlie Daniels isn’t just partial to the South – he loves visiting all American cities equally.

In an exclusive interview with the The Devil Went Down to Georgia artist at the launch of Gibson Guitars Southern Rock Tribute guitar the 77-year-old singing legend spoke with us about his tour bus bundle, his take-home items and where he most prefers to spend time when he is (and isn’t) touring.

Yahoo Travel: Where is the best place in America to hear great country music?

Charlie: Nashville, Tennessee.  It has everything – a professional football team, a professional hockey team, the best food, the best looking women, and the best music. What else could you want?

Yahoo Travel: When you’re in Nashville, what are your favorite things to do?

Charlie: Go to football games. I like to go out in the country. I spend so much of my time indoors because of my profession. When I get home, 30 miles from Nashville at Twin Pines Ranch, I like to go to the shooting range, fish in the pond. I’ve got four wheelers to ride and a putting green.

Yahoo Travel: What are the best bars to go to hear the best music?

Charlie: I don’t go to bars very much anymore, but there are some down[town] on Broadway that sound pretty good when I ride by there going to the Opry.

Yahoo Travel: Where are the best places to write country songs?

Charlie: I write all over the place. I keep guitars around. I have a guitar at home, and I’ve got one on the bus. I have one in reach all of the time, so if I feel inspired and want to write something, I just grab it.

Yahoo Travel: How much are you traveling these days?

Charlie: About 100,000 miles a year.

Yahoo Travel: Where are your favorite places to visit while touring?

Charlie: The United States of America. I’ve been to every state in the Union, and every town about any size. I could pick a lot of favorite towns. It’s a great country. I love going to Alaska, St. Louis and New York. I fish in Alaska.

Yahoo Travel: What was the last destination you traveled to for fun?

Charlie: Colorado. We sat and watched snow. Our place is up about 8,700 feet: beautiful scenery, great people and good place to spend time.

Yahoo Travel: Are there must-have items you pack for the tour?

Charlie: Underwear and socks, shirts and stuff. I don’t usually pack. I ride the bus and have two sets of everything. At home I have boots, hat, belt, pants and shirts. On my bus, I have the same thing. Toothbrush, shaving gear: two sets of everything. If I don’t have it here, I’ve got it on the road.

Yahoo Travel: Is there an item you’ve picked up while traveling that has significance to you?

Charlie: I’ve got walking sticks from different parts of the world and Kachina dolls. I probably have about 100 walking sticks. I’ve bought some from foreign countries and some from [Nashville].

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