Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae Go on a Twitter Rant About Fans Commenting On Their Weight

Carolyn Twersky
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

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Charli D'Amelio is very much over you commenting on her body, thank you very much. The TikTok star took to Twitter to really speak her true feelings about fans who think they have the right to comment on her appearance, and she did not hold back.

"STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BODY!" she wrote. "It’s not your place to tell me if i’m losing weight or gaining weight."

She continued, writing, "Why don’t we all just be respectful and understand that we should just be kind and uplift everyone instead of trying to bring others down." She revealed that she's seen the videos about her and her friends, as well as those about complete strangers. Most likely these videos comment on the girl's weight.

She finished her rant by saying, "it’s never okay and I feel like I really needed to say that I love you all but please stop!!"

Charli isn't the only TikTok star standing up for herself against body shamers. Addison Rae took to Instagram as well recently to speak on the same topic.

"I’ve seen 5-10 tweets & TikToks today talking negatively about my body and weight," she wrote last week. "It makes me feel insecure, but luckily I’m looking at it in a different light. I’ve been very motivated to start eating better and working out everyday to become the healthiest version of myself!"

She continued, saying, "It definitely hurts to see people on my [for you page] calling me 'a whale' and saying 'she’s fat now' and I just want to encourage everyone who hears these things about themselves to love yourself!! If you are healthy and happy, do NOT listen to these hurtful comments. You are perfect."

Apparently, though, the mean comments didn't stop there, and Addison was back to tweeting about the topic yesterday.

"It is not your job to judge the appearance of another persons face and/or body," she wrote.

She also had something to say to people calling her "sensitive" about the subject. "I always hear people say 'welcome to the real world' or 'stop being so sensitive' when someone is hurt by the words of someone else," she said. "When we really should be telling the person who said it to stop feeling the need to judge another persons image/life decisions."

Honestly, why can't we just let these girls dance in peace?!

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