Chardon-Hey, These 40 Wine Puns Will Put You in a Grape Mood!

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Why do we love a good glass of wine so much? It pairs perfectly with a juicy steak meal at a fancy restaurant, or with some aged gouda and prosciutto while noshing on a charcuterie board. Whether that red, white or rosé comes in an easy-to-drink can or is a hand-crafted, premium luxury wine, there’s something so satisfying about raising a glass and taking that first sip.

If you love good food and good drink, you probably also like documenting your foodie experiences whenever you can on Instagram. And there are so many so-bad-they’re-awesome food puns out there, your captions for your food content never need to be boring. Especially when it comes to your love of fermented grape juice!

Whether you are a seasoned sommelier or an amateur oenophile, this list of 40 wine puns will surely put you on cloud wine! We’ve included some really grape ones!

40 Wine Puns

1. Chardon-hey!

2. Great minds drink alike.

3. It’s just another Merlot Monday.

4. About to make some pour decisions.

5. Sip, sip, hooray!

6. Here for the right Riesling.

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7. Some you wine, some you lose.

8. On cloud wine.

9. Time to wine down.

10. What a wine-derful world.

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11. Cabernet. More like, caber-yay!

12. I don’t complain, I just wine.

13. Hakuna Moscato. It means drink wine.

14. Wine a little, laugh a lot!

15. Partners in wine.

16. Another glass? Wine not?

17. No wine left behind.

18. Read between the wines.

19. Sip happens.

20. Feeling grape.

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21. It’s wine o’clock somewhere.

22. Stop and smell the rosé.

23. I will always be your partner in wine!

Funny Wine Puns

24. Everything happens for a Riesling.

25. You give me reasons to wine.

26. Love the wine you’re with.

27. Life is wine-derful!

28. Oh, sweet child of wine.

29. I need to re-wine my life.

30. I woke up feeling wine.

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31. You’re the wine that I want.

32. This wine really cask a spell on me.

33. You are so bottlefull to me.

34. I think we’re ferment to be together.

35. How Merlot can you go?

36. Drink some wine. It’s really not good to keep things bottled up.

37. Another glass? Wine not?!

38. You’re wine in a million.

39. Will you accept this rosé?

40. Sip me baby one more time.

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