The Chanhattan | Crown Royal Tailgate Recipes

Phoenix, AX, bartender Bobby Kramer shows you how to make the perfect Crown Royal cocktail for Arizona Cardinals gameday, the Chanhattan

Video Transcript

BOBBY KRAMER: Hi there. My name is Bobby Kramer. I'm a bartender in Phoenix, Arizona. I work out here in Chandler, Arizona, and for that reason I'm going to show you how to make the Chanhattan.


We'll start with two ounces of Crown Royal Deluxe, half an ounce of a sweet vermouth of your choice. From there we're going to give it a little bolder kick. We're going to use half an ounce of an Amaro, which is just a bitter Italian liqueur. And because we are here in the Southwest, we're actually going to take two dashes of a mole bitters.

And not to overly dilute it, we're going to give it a nice little stir. Just here for 15, 20 seconds. Once it's nice and chilled we're going to strain that into our glass. And we're going to garnish it with an orange peel zested over the top, and we're going to skewer that with a mole-dusted cherry. This is really simple to make it home, just equal parts sugar, paprika, and chocolate powder.

The perfect bold option for your game day. Cheers.