Lily-Rose Depp Gives a Lesson in the French vs. American Ponytail

At Chanel, Lily-Rose Depp Gives a Lesson in the French vs. American Ponytail
Lily-Rose Depp turned heads at Chanel with her blonde bound in a sleek high ponytail that could only be worn by a Parisienne.

The classic cool of French girl beauty is often associated with insouciance—think rumpled waves and bare faces save for a swipe of lipstick—but every now and then, a Gallic ingenue comes along to remind us of the fact that la Parisienne is equally skilled when it comes to extreme glamour.

Today in Paris, Lily-Rose Depp made a splash in the front row of Chanel’s haute couture show at the Grand Palais, her glossy blonde lengths bound in a ponytail worn high atop her head. And while the iconic all-American hairstyle is most often worn in a textured, post-gym tousle and paired with Yeezy athleisure, Depp's front row incarnation took the look firmly into couture territory like only a local can. That meant polished ends, gravity-defying proportions, and an abundance of glossy shine. The finishing touch? Instead of securing the style with a simple band or a bold accessory, she wound a section of her own hair around the base.

Offering a measure of high drama, and worn with a simple Chanel shift dress, Depp's look was right in keeping with a couturier's meticulous detail—as was her signature makeup. A rimming of onyx eyeliner and hazy pressing of brown eyeshadow—obscured pre-show by a set of slim sunglasses and paired with gilded drop earrings—was just the thing for a rising fashion star exuding some welcome summertime shine.

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