Chanel Just Made a Really Chic (and Probably Expensive) Hair Tie

Photo: Courtesy of ImaxTree
Photo: Courtesy of ImaxTree

The ’90s beauty trends that have been popular for quite some time now seem more long-term than just a simple fad. We thought ’90s beauty looks would start to die down at this year’s spring/summer ’17 fashion weeks, but Chanel just proved us wrong.

At the Chanel show on Tuesday, in Paris, the models walked down the runway in fancy dresses paired with side ponytails and sideways hats. Their ultracasual hair look, created by hairstylist Sam McKnight, was like nothing like what we’re used to from the brand, especially since it contrasted so greatly against the high couture fashion pieces.

However, while we’re positive we’ll be seeing these Chanel baseball caps hit the street-style celebs any day now, it was the models’ hair ties that caught our attention.

These weren’t the classic Goody hair elastics that the rest of us use; instead, McKnight opted for brightly colored Chanel hair elastics, adorned with the label’s iconic double C design. Check it out for yourself, below:

One look at them, and it’s pretty easy to tell that they’re likely the most expensive hair ties to ever hit the market (even though they appear to be just regular hair elastics that happen to be bejeweled with diamond double Cs).

While we don’t know the exact price yet, previous Chanel hair ties have sold at prices between $30 and $90, so we can only imagine what these will retail for. Considering the charms look just like the Crystal Timeless CC Earrings that retail for around $600, the charmed elastic could potentially cost a pretty penny.

Since Chanel is one of the big players to decide next year’s trends, the neon colors and overall look (which is giving off major Madonna vibes, by the way) make us think we should stock up on a few bright hair ties the next time we hit the drugstore.

The big takeaway here? Side ponytails and statement elastics are in. Does this mean scrunchies will make a comeback, too? Only time will tell!

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