How Chanel Iman Has Handled All the Ways Pregnancy Changed Her Skin

Chanel Iman has been living the dream some millennials fantasized about while watching one too many episodes of America’s Next Top Model in our youth. She’s borne the weight of Victoria’s Secret angel wings. She’s posed in and on the cover of Vogue. Her runway resume is splashed with more designer names than the closet of a Kardashian. 

But one quick scroll through her social media quickly reveals that those model milestones take a backseat to the role of mother, which has changed her skin almost as much as it’s changed the rest of her life. “I've had sensitive skin throughout all of my pregnancies, and it's been a challenge just to find comfort,” she tells Allure. “I'm on my third child, but I didn't really take great care of my skin from my first pregnancy up until now, and it kind of caught up with me.”

The sensitivity might run in the family; Iman reveals that one of her daughters has “really bad eczema,” leading her on a mission to find relief for both of them. “It's hard to see your child having to go through terrible flare-ups and not having the right resources and the right product to treat her,” she says.

Enter Aveeno, whose range of baby products has helped to provide some of that relief for her child — and herself. Iman, now a spokesperson for the brand, swears by their Tone + Texture Renewing Lotion: “It really helps soothe and hydrate and take away itchiness, especially on my belly.” Iman also says the brand introduced her to a game-changing skin-care resource, Health in Her Hue, a website that aims to connect BIPOC women to culturally sensitive healthcare resources and providers. 

After chatting about sensitive skin, Iman graciously took on Allure’s rapid-fire beauty questionnaire, Just Asking.

Allure: Not to be creepy or anything, but what do you smell like right now?

Chanel Iman: I don't smell like anything because I have to be very careful [with] what I wear. I don't wear scented lotions or perfumes, especially around my daughters, just because as a parent, I try to prevent flare ups.

Allure: You're stuck on a long flight and you need to look good when you get off. What products are in your carry-on?

Iman: Just having some mascara and concealer and my eyebrow kit and lip balm always does the job for me. But I find that on long flights my skin gets really dry, so I make sure that I travel with a little moisturizer to put on just before I get off the flight.

Allure: How long does your skin-care routine take from start to finish?

Iman: On an average day, I spend about 45 minutes from start to finish, but it's not all about my face, it's also about moisturizing my entire body. [Editor's note: We listened to the tape three times and, yes, Iman said 45.]

Allure: The biggest thing that pregnancy has changed about your beauty routine?

Iman: Pregnancy for me, especially [the third] time around, [makes] my skin dry.

Chanel Iman walks the runway for Cupshe during Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week - The Shows - July 7th - Cupshe

Chanel Iman walks the runway for Cupshe during Miami Swim Week
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Allure: What is your favorite beauty tip to ignore?

Iman: I’m not big on lashes. When I get my makeup done, I always pass on a pair of lashes.

Allure: What is your favorite part of getting ready?

Iman: Taking a nice, warm shower, and feeling fresh again.

Allure: What is your least favorite part of getting ready?

Iman: If I've had a long day at work and I come home and I get in my bed, the hardest thing is to get back out of my bed if I have a dinner or event. Sometimes I want to just relax and enjoy the rest of my night.

Allure: Baths — love them or hate them?

Iman: I love baths. Baths are my favorite for myself, but also I enjoy giving my daughters a bath.

Allure: What is the biggest beauty secret that models are keeping to themselves?

Iman: I think all the beauty secrets are out.

Allure: The body-care tip all pregnant people should know…

Iman: Consistency is key.

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