Here’s your chance to share your Ptown queer love story

This artist wants to share your Ptown queer love story
This artist wants to share your Ptown queer love story

Did you find queer love in Provincetown?

If yes, then artist Miquel Braceli wants to share your story on a special map showing those special spots of romantic queer love in the fabled LGBTQ+ haven of Ptown.

Braceli is in the midst of a seven-month residency at the renowned Fine Arts Work Center in Ptown, tasked with cataloging romantic tales of love into a large-scale Map of Love to be unveiled later next month.

Braceli is collecting love stories now through February 15, and anyone who experienced love in Provincetown of any kind can share their story by completing a submission form.

The Venezuelan-born artist says his work explores the intersection of art, site, and society, which he hopes to explore further with the help of Ptown lovebirds.

“I chose the Fine Arts Work Center’s residency program because I was long drawn to the queer historical legacy of Provincetown,” said Braceli. “I hope to expand the notions of love and relationships in the form of a fairy tale that can be told to the generations to come, diversifying the narratives of idealized romance.”

Map of Love runs March 15 to 29 at the Work Center’s Hudson D. Walker Gallery. It is part of a multi-pronged art project, True Love’s Kiss: A Queer Fairy Tale, that is inspired by the queer historical legacy of Provincetown.

It’s the perfect chance to make your queer love story an official part of Ptown history.