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Juice up anything, anywhere with this genius keychain multi-charger — it's down to $10

What is it?

These days, any trip away from home involves packing a toiletries bag and an electronics bag. You got your cell, your tablet, maybe a laptop, to say nothing of the various and sundry portable self-care gadgets we've come to rely on. Or maybe you've got an iPhone but your traveling companion has an Android. The point is, it can be a lot to keep track of. Well, here comes help: The Chafon 5-in-1 Keyring Charger is a tres compact, uber-convenient addition to your keychain that gives you multiple charger connections in a single device. Oh, and it's on sale for $10.

This brilliant gizmo attaches to your keychain. It has a USB-A connection, as well as USB-C, lightning and microUSB. In total, there are six different configurations.

$10 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

This is a relatively unique device. While there are others like the Chafon, they're few and far between, and the more popular options will likely soak you for around $20. And good luck finding one that snaps right onto your the keychain and doesn't burden you with a long cord. That's right; sometimes shorter is better (especially for travel!) and who wants to lug around more than three feet of braided cable when you're jetting off to parts unknown?

Why do I need this?

This device is fantastic for charging up your gadgets in a pinch. Sure, you probably won't use it at night to charge your phone — after all, you might want a longer cable for that so you can browse social media while in bed — but it's useful for when you're waiting at a bus stop or in the airport and you're juicing up from a power bank.

The Chafon multicharger supports 60W fast charging and power delivery, and it even handles data transfer up to 480Mbps. There's also an 18-month warranty. According to the company, you can charge a 13-inch Macbook Pro in just 90 minutes with this baby.

Color coordination important to you? The Chafon comes in black, blue, pink, gold and grey. Hey, at this price you could even get yourself one to complement every outfit! But the main benefit of this charger is the ease that it brings to travel. Just remove the protective cap, plug in your device, and you're ready to go.

keyring charger connecting a phone to a power bank
No matter where your travels take you, nothing will be lost in translation between device and power source. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say

"I was looking for one cord to take when I go backpacking. I needed an Apple connection and a USB-C. This product is built to last. Much better than taking multiple cords. I would defiantly recommend this product!" said one adventurer.

"The perfect charger," proclaimed another fan. "I have been looking for an all-purpose charger for a while and I’m happy to say this amazing gadget is everything I wanted. Its design is sleek and minimal — all while providing multiple ways to charge whatever you need. I love that it’s magnetic and takes up no space in my travel bag. I no longer need to travel with multiple chargers. This is a must for light packers or anyone looking for a charger cable. It’s fast-charging and perfect!"

This Apple-adverse advocate called it a must-have. "As an Android user I usually find myself surrounded by a sea of iPhone chargers and not a Type C to be found. With this device I don't have to worry about that anymore. Now I can charge ANY device as it has type C, lightning, and micro USB charging abilities. I love how it connects to my keys and has a heft to it that speaks to it being finely made."

"The downside I will say is that the USB-A is only 2.0 and not 3.0, which is a bit of a bummer. The magnet is pretty strong so you are able to have it securely placed on your key ring. The cable also supports fast charging but be aware — it all depends on the charging port you are using," noted one buyer. (For context, this means the data transfer rates are slower. It can only transmit 60MBps versus the 600MBps of a USB 3.0.)

Android and iPhone users can both share a charger now. This little device is bridging worlds. 

$12 at Amazon

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