Who is CG5 and where does his viral TikTok sound come from? ‘I can’t stop watching’

TikTokers are explaining they are exactly who other users think they are, using this viral sound to do so.

The sound comes from musical artist Charlie Green (@CG5beats). Green already had a big following before the sound went viral, but the audio’s success has introduced him to a whole new subsection of TikTok.

“Everybody told me that I look like CG5. Probably because I am CG5,” @CG5beats said in the video.

That video went viral, receiving over 22 million views and 2.6 million likes and is the source for over 85,000 videos.

Some celebrities use the sound to confirm their identity when told they look like a famous person.

“The day people stop saying I look like the girl from hereditary will be the day I’ll stop making tiktoks about it,” said Milly Shapiro (@millyshaparoni).

“Everybody tells me that i look like Suzie from stranger things,” wrote @gabriella.pizzolo_.

Aside from people in the entertainment industry, everyday TikTokers are taking the audio to affirm what people say about them.

“Everybody tells me I look like my dad. Probably because I’m his kid,” said @steyeuh.

It was clear that @steyeuh looked annoyed with that statement, and people in the comments could relate.

“Everybody tells me I look like my mother…probably bc i am her child,” replied @helenna10.

Whether famous or not, TikTokers have done a lot of confirming over the last few weeks.

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