Ceremonia's Pequi Styling Gel Is Made for Low-Maintenance Curl Days

Whether your hair has even the slightest curl pattern to it or you're just a fan of ultra-slick updos, you're probably aware that not all hair gels are made equally. Some are made with such a stronghold formula that your hair can easily defy gravity (and feel crunchy in the process), while others are too flexible to provide the definition and frizz reduction you need.

Each type of hair gel has its time and place, but if you're looking for a daily curl- and wave-defining formula that'll hold up without weighing hair down, Ceremonia's Pequi Styling Gel is right up your alley. I could truly wax poetic for hours on end when it comes to Ceremonia's ultra-lightweight gel, and considering the fact that this coveted styling product is nominated for one of our highest accolades, I'm not alone.

But why exactly is this formula so impressive? Well, for starters, Pequi has a transparent, slightly more fluid texture than most hair gels, which is why it dries down and feels absolutely weightless on hair. But there's more than the eye can see when it comes to this formulation: although it feels barely there, this hair gel is spiked with nourishing, conditioning ingredients to reduce the crunchy look and feel that other gels tend to leave behind.

<h1 class="title">Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel</h1><cite class="credit">Courtesy of brand</cite>

Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel

Courtesy of brand

After every application of the Pequi Styling Gel, expect your strands to be treated with a conditioning concoction of aloe vera, pequi oil, and açai extract. The combination of these ingredients intensively moisturizes hair strands for a shinier look and softer feel; plus, the latter ingredients are rich in antioxidants, which protect your hair from environmental factors that can lead to brittleness, dryness, and dullness. Ohio-based cosmetic chemist Kelly Dobos notes that pequi oil is also used as an alternative to palm oil for its high abundance of conditioning palmitic acid. Also included in the formula is aloe, which Dobo says “contains polysaccharides that behave as humectants which help hydrate the scalp and provide light conditioning to the hair.”

The ingredients definitely supply the moisture I need to reduce the look of my extremely frizzy strands, but what truly has made this product a staple in my routine for the past month is how versatile it is. Unlike other gels I've tested, this formula effortlessly defines curls as easily as it smooths out an updo.

When I'm in the mood for a style that's as low-maintenance as possible, I simply apply my daily scalp serum (which will forever and always be the Act + Acre Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum), separate my damp hair into two sections, and slather on a palm-size glob of this good stuff on each side. After five minutes of persistent scrunching, my waves are set, defined, and volumized. If I'm really feeling up to it, I'll diffuse my hair for five minutes to increase definition and volume, too.

Allure commerce writer Jennifer Hussein before and after using the Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel.

Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel

Allure commerce writer Jennifer Hussein before and after using the Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel.

Since I have ridiculously thick hair (almost to a fault, but that's a story for another time), I use a lot of this hair gel when I'm scrunching my 2B waves. But when I'm creating a sleek, Ariana Grande-inspired ponytail, I finish off my style with a nickel-size dollop for a glossy, crunch-free finish. Ellis also approves of this approach and says a little goes a long way when smoothing out updos with this gel. "I find if you start with a lot of gel, it can become unmanageable and just a sticky mess," he says. "I also recommend working the style in sections rather than tackling it all at once."

Allure commerce producer Sarah Hoffmann after styling her hair with the Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel.
Allure commerce producer Sarah Hoffmann after styling her hair with the Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel.

Like I said before, I'm not the only one on the Allure team who has added Ceremonia's delightful gel into their routine. Commerce producer Sarah Hoffmann has always been vocal about her love for this lightweight gel — enough so to call it one of her favorite products of 2022. She says this formula has converted her to hair gels and that she uses this particular formula on a daily basis. "After applying curl cream to wet hair, I coat my hands in the gel and gently rake it through my hair and shape the curls," she says. "My hair dries into defined curls that are shiny, soft, and most importantly, contain zero detectable traces of gel."

The verdict: Even if you're new to the world of hair gels, we're convinced that you'll love Ceremonia's Pequi Styling Gel as much as we do. Its lightweight yet durable formula makes it a key to flawless updos and laidback curls alike — plus, its $22 price tag won't hurt your bank account. Affordable hair products with high-quality results? Yeah, we're in.

Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel

$22.00, Sephora

Want to try it out for yourself? You can grab a bottle of the Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel for $22 right now at sephora.com, credobeauty.com, and ceremonia.com.

Psst: the Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel is so good that it's nominated for a 2023 Readers' Choice Award. Vote for your favorite beauty products before the poll closes! Winners will be announced in May.

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