5 Celebs Who Are Refusing To Perform At King Charles’s Coronation, And 7 Who Actually Said Yes

So...the royal family has seen a lot of scandals during their century-plus reign — not to mention recent bombshells dropped by a certain todger-haver.

Prince Harry on 60 Minutes
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And with a number of celebs refusing to perform at King Charles III and Queen Camilla's upcoming coronation, the collective is speculating that that miiiiiiiight have something to do with all their controversies.

Charles and Camilla
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Below is a list of all the artists who've turned down the opportunity to sing at the coronation concert, and some of their "reasons" as to why. Who's to say, though..........👀 👀


Adele holding her OBE medal

Adele — who was named a member of the Order of the British Empire in 2013 for her services to music — apparently said no to performing.

Adele's reason for turning down the performance opportunity hasn't been clearly stated, but an Adele superfan hypothesized to Rolling Stone: “The pomp and money this coronation is costing doesn’t represent her values at all. This issue is so specific to our culture," she said. "Americans might think, Oh, she’s from London and a cockney, why wouldn’t she do it? But they don’t understand the nuances of different areas, cultures, and identities here. She’s for the ‘everyday person,’ and the everyday younger person in London doesn’t rate the royal family anymore."

Still, Adele's actual motivations for saying no are TBD.

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2.The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls with then-Prince Charles

Despite being all buddy-buddy with then-Prince Charles at his Prince's Trust Dinner back in '97, the Spice Girls will NOT be reuniting at his coronation. Why not? Unclear.

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So yeah, not this year, babes. xx

Charles greeting people in line, including the Spice Girls
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3.Harry Styles

Prince William and Harry shaking hands

The "As It Was" songbird's team reportedly refused to comment, but yeah, Harry said no.

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4.Sir Elton John

Elton and Charles smiling at each other

"Rocket Man" himself is a longtime friend of the royal family, especially to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II (who even knighted him in 1998, hence the bougie prefix "Sir").

Elton invited King Charles and Camilla to his own wedding, attended Prince William and Kate's nuptials, and performed at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding luncheon.

According to Rolling Stone, he turned down playing the coronation concert due to scheduling conflicts.

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5.Robbie Williams

Charles and Robbie shaking hands

Despite sharing a tribute to Queen Elizabeth on his IG following her death, the "Angels" singer turned down the coronation concert gig, providing ✨no comment✨.

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So who is performing, then?

6.Katy Perry

Katy and Charles standing together

The first headliner of the coronation concert is California Gurl™ Katy Perry. Apparently she has a preestablished relationship with King Charles (news to me, but okay) because she was appointed an ambassador of the British Asian Trust — a charity he cofounded — in 2020.

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7.Lionel Richie

Sofia Richie's dad is the second headliner and second American Idol judge performing at the British coronation (LOL). In 2019, he was named the first global ambassador for the Prince's Trust.

Sofia Richie's dad is the second headliner and second American Idol judge performing at the British coronation (LOL). In 2019, he was named the first global ambassador for the Prince's Trust.

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There will be additional performances by opera singers Andrea Bocelli and Sir Bryn Terfel, singer-songwriter Freya Ridings, classical-soul artist Alexis Ffrench, and '90s boy band Take That*.

Take That

*FWIW, Robbie Williams was in Take That back in the '90s, but apparently he won't be joining them...? Okay..........

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