The Celebrity-Loved AirPods Max Headphones Are In-Stock and $100 Off

As Parade's resident tech expert, I get to try all sorts of gadgets, and I know something is extraordinary if it performs well and gets my friends talking. For the unaware, meet AirPods Max—Apple's (normally) $549 over-ear headphones with the most comfortable fit I've tested and equally impressive audio, noise cancellation, and transparency modes.

You don't need to take just my word for it, though: Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, and Sarah Jessica Parker all rock them, to name a few of the headphones’ celebrity fans. They've also become popular on TikTok for their chic aesthetic and intuitive bonafide feature set.

Here's the scoop: you can get the effortlessly epic AirPods Max for 18% off right now. This discount for the silver, Space Gray, blue, or green headphones is within $20 of the lowest price we've tracked. And Prime members score free, fast shipping on these.

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AirPods Max ($449.99, originally $549 at Amazon)

What makes AirPods Max so popular? Before hitting the features, these capitalize on the broader trend of over-ear headphones making a comeback in the past few years. Just walk down the street in New York City or even on the subway, and you'll immediately notice them.

Rather than just be a pair of headphones, these truly have become a fashion accessory that you can work into your overall look. Especially with more vibrant shades like green or blue, Space Gray is also sleek.

Regarding the discounted $449.99 price, you're getting a very premium build with aluminum, stainless steel, and mesh. The respective left and right ear cups are each made of aluminum on the outside and have a soft memory foam wrapped in a custom mesh that hits your ears. They have some heft, but once you pop them on your head, you'll quickly realize the headband is unique.

Rather than a piece of plastic with foam that stretches across the top of your head, AirPods Max features a surprisingly durable canopy mesh. I've had my pair for years and haven't caused a rip, tear, or noticeable damage. More critically, though, it helps to relieve pressure as you wear them and ensures comfort.

You can rock them around your home, around town, and even for a #HotGirlWalk, as made famous by TikTok. Maybe just bring a Stanley Cup with you as well.

In terms of playback for music, you'll get an exceptionally wide soundstage that lets you hear all track elements. The bass is impressive, with excellent clarity throughout. When listening through Apple Music, you can use Spatial Audio mixed tracks. With these, you get more immersed into a given song, and for the Swifties out there, you can rock out to Midnights.

Music sounds outstanding here, and the same goes for taking calls, as the microphones work to highlight your voice while blocking out external noise.

Similarly, Apple's proven they can do noise canceling and transparency well with AirPods Pro. AirPods Max are no different and starts with the ear cups immediately blocking out some sound.

Still, when you engage noise cancellation, the AirPods Max easily blocks out louder sounds and higher frequency ones like the cry of an HVAC system. This mode is ideal for commuting on the train, focusing on work, or even flying.

When you want to let sound in, though, you can opt for Transparency mode. As you're walking down the street, you can hear noise like cars speeding by, an emergency siren, or even someone calling your attention. They let you still have your bearings while enjoying playback, chatting on the phone, or just looking chic.

As many have come to suspect from AirPods, these fast pair with your iPhone and sync across your other Apple devices for easy switching. With a listening mode, you can expect around TK hours of playback and these recharge via a Lightning cable. Apple also includes a case in the box that is color matched and primarily protects the earcups.

At $100 off, this is the lowest price of 2023 for AirPods Max and $20 away from the lowest price we've tracked on Amazon. It's a steal of a deal for a wearable gadget that has enamored folks IRL and online.

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