What's on celebrity tables this holiday season? From stuffing to pasta, stars share their must-have side dishes.

What holiday side dish is a must-have in Jennifer Garner's home? Celebs from Drew Barrymore to Andy Cohen share what's for dinner.

Stuffing, macaroni and cheese and ... ravioli? We asked stars to weigh in on their favorite holiday side dish. (Photos: Getty/Unsplash/Everett Collection/Illustrator, Aisha Yousaf)
Stuffing, mac and cheese and ... ravioli? We asked stars to weigh in on their favorite holiday side dish. (Photos: Getty/Unsplash/Everett Collection/Illustrator, Aisha Yousaf)
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Nothing brings people around the table during the holidays like decadent meals with treats like roasted turkey or golden brown latkes as the stars of the show. But when the actual stars, from Nope actress Keke Palmer to Euphoria star Angus Cloud sit down for a holiday dinner, which side dish are they most hungry for?

We asked celebrities including Jennifer Garner and Andy Cohen to share what they hope will be on the menu when they head home for the holidays, and told us about everything from decadent macaroni and cheese to dishes that have become cherished family recipes through the years.

Here are some must-have holiday side dishes from famous faces like actress Drew Barrymore and iconic quarterback Joe Montana.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore (Photos: Getty)
Drew Barrymore likes Stove Top! (Photos: Getty Images)

Talk show host, actress, director and producer Drew Barrymore says you can't beat a simple holiday staple: Stove Top Stuffing.

"I'm sorry," she says, "but anyone who can do it better than Stove Top — show me. And make it with chicken stock and not water, because I want it to be extra salty and flavorful.

"I was raised in the ’70s and we ate Stove Top and nothing can beat it for me," she continues. "I also don't understand the stuffing not being stuffed in the turkey, because it's so much more moist and flavorful and now everyone's like ‘Don't stuff your turkeys’ and I'm like … ‘It's stuffing, that's the whole point.’”

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer (Photos: Getty)
When Keke Palmer’s not off dairy and choosing sweet potatoes, she goes for her favorite: mac and cheese. (Photos: Getty Images)

Though Keke Palmer told Yahoo Life she's cut back on dairy as a way of managing adult acne, there's a chance the 29-year-old actress may sneak a bite or two of cheesy pasta this holiday season.

”I think probably sweet potatoes," Palmer says of her favorite holiday side dish. "But I do love mac and cheese. I'm just trying to stay away from the dairy."

Joe Montana

(Photos: Getty)
Joe Montana prefers ravioli. (Photos: Getty Images)

In football great Joe Montana's home, pasta is on the holiday menu, and it's all because of a sweet family tradition.

"I think one of the things that's really carried over has been my grandmother used to make raviolis for midnight Mass," Montana tells Yahoo Life. "We would go to midnight Mass and come back to her house where she lived with my aunt and uncle who had seven kids. She would make raviolis with meat and cheese and egg and spinach filling and her own homemade sauce and we would all come back at 1:30 in the morning and have raviolis. My wife Jennifer's been trying to keep that alive."

Ayesha Curry

(Photos: Getty)
Give another point to mac and cheese, thanks to Ayesha Curry. (Photos: Getty Images)

Macaroni and cheese is a non-negotiable holiday dish in the Curry house, but for Ayesha Curry, the cheesy pasta is a perfect medium for some extra-savory flavors.

"A must-have on our dinner table is definitely some sort of super-umami mac and cheese," she says. "For Thanksgiving, my sister made a shrimp, crab and lobster mac and cheese and it was so delicious. It kind of had this like Creole kick to it and it was just it was fabulous, so we always have to have some sort of fancy mac and cheese on the table."

Angus Cloud

(Photos: Getty)
Angus Cloud likes stuffing. (Photos: Getty Images)

A man of few words, Euphoria actor Angus Cloud shares his simple requests for holiday sides: "Stuffing and gravy," he says, "but wet stuffing — I don't like dry stuffing. It's gotta be moist stuffing. And you gotta have some gravy."

Jennifer Garner

(Photos: Getty)
Jennifer Garner cherishes her grandmother’s recipe for sweet potato pudding. (Photos: Getty Images)

Jennifer Garner's favorite holiday side dish is all about tradition — and a cherished recipe for sweet potato pudding, courtesy of her grandmother, Exie Mae Garner.

"If you do it like my grandmother made it, it's very, very sweet and it has eggs and it's in the oven forever and it bakes up and has a really sweet rich texture," Garner says. "I roast sweet potatoes and scoop them out, mix with the hand-mixer and add butter and all the pumpkin spices. Everything good's in there, including a dollop of cream or milk, and then it goes into a pan with marshmallows on top and you roast it."

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen (Photos: Getty)
Andy Cohen says to bring on the mushrooms. (Photos: Getty Images)

What What Happens Live host Andy Cohen says stuffing is his favorite holiday side dish, but with some specific ingredients. "I'm a huge mushroom lover," he says. "If the stuffing's got mushrooms and onion, I'm great."

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