Celebrities are Banning Turkeys from Their Thanksgiving Tables to Raise Awareness of Factory Farming

William Stark/Unsplash
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Celebrities including Alicia Silverstone and Mayim Bialik have pledged to go turkey-free this Thanksgiving to bring awareness to the widespread cruelty faced by the animals as a result of the annual holiday.

Farm Sanctuary hosts an annual Adopt-A-Turkey pledge to raise awareness of the cruelty and help change mindsets around the holiday, during which an estimated 46 million turkeys will be killed.

Farm Sanctuary shared on Instagram, "This year, symbolically #AdoptATurkey instead of eating one! Let’s use this Thanksgiving to honor and celebrate turkeys for who they are. Your one-time $35 gift will support daily care for your new feathered friend and also help our continued rescue, education, and advocacy work for turkeys still trapped in the animal agriculture system."

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People on Instagram are applauding this initiative with @Miachels commenting, "Thank you. Turkeys are so smart, loving and deserve a long life, they are friends not food." @Lobey adds, "This is a great message, I wish we could get more people out to visit and understand how important this message is for everyone. Please try Tofurky, it is soooooo good." @10 cats responds, "Bless you a million times over for helping educate and encourage others to move away from killing these beautiful creatures. There are so many yummy plant based options that will please even the most discerning palate, without causing undo pain and suffering. Please be curious and open about alternative options. Bless you all"

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Turkeys do do exhibit certain behaviors that suggest a level of intelligence, and they are capable of problem solving and forming bonds with their owners.

If you would like information on how you can sign the turkey-free pledge this thanksgiving, you can visit their website here.

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