25 Etsy Deals to Shop Before Black Friday

Celebrate small business owners with these unique gifts.

In a world where you can shop anywhere, why not shop small? If you’re torn between wanting to avoid the lines (and possibly empty toy shelves) and support small businesses, allow us to introduce you to your new BFF: Etsy. Founded in 2005, the e-commerce website is home to more than 4.3 million merchants selling products that range from handmade jewelry and home goods, to crafting supplies, to vintage toys and clothing.

What type of deals can I expect to see at Etsy on Black Friday 2022?

During Etsy's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, makers and sellers offer discounts of up to 50% off hand-crafted candles, monogrammed passport holders, handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, unique home decor, personalized gifts and more.

When are Etsy Black Friday sales revealed?

Etsy's Cyber Week Sales landing page has the deals starting around November 19, 2022. That's the weekend before Small Business Saturday, so you'll be able to save on holiday gifts early this year.

When is Etsy's Black Friday 2022 sale?

Etsy hasn't launched its Black Friday 2022 sale page yet, but it's never too early to get a head start on your holiday shopping. The wide array of both vendors and their crafts mean there really is something (if not a few things!) for even the most particular person on your holiday shopping list. Plus, by supporting small businesses, you are also:

  • Creating jobs and encouraging entrepreneurship

  • Protecting our environment by conserving energy and reducing waste

  • Keeping money in the local economy—for every $1 spent at a small business, $0.80 goes right back to that business’s community

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! We’ve scanned Etsy’s sale pages and highlighted 25 creators and their impressive products to help you find the perfect gift for everyone in your life—all while shopping small!

Here at Parade.com, we're all about sharing products we love with our audience. When you make a purchase on an item seen on this page, we may earn a commission, however, all picks are independently chosen unless otherwise mentioned. 

25 Best Early Etsy Black Friday Deals

Happiness Intention Candle, Originally $13.33, Now $12 at Etsy

With notes of sweet citrus, and topped with citrine crystal, damiana leaf sunflower, and orange peel, this candle is sure to bring good vibes only. And with a name like "Happiness" are you really surprised? The Chicago-based Sentient Self uses all-natural soy-based wax hand-crafted with love and positive energy to make even your darkest days a little brighter. Sentient Self Happiness Intention Candle, $12, Etsy

Custom Neon Sign Light, Now $20% Off at Etsy

Have you ever dreamed of having your own neon sign to decorate your space? Manhattan, Kansas designer Manhattan Neons is here to make those dreams a reality with their handmade, custom neon signs. All you have to do is tell the merchant your desired text, font and color and they'll provide a quote to make that 12V LED sign yours. ManhattanNeons Custom Neon Sign Light, Prices Vary, Etsy

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Sterling Vermeil Sun Ray Hoop Earrings, $15.75 at Etsy

Here comes the sun(s), doo doo doo doo! And can we say, these Sterling Vermeil Sun Ray Post Hoops are much more than alright—like all of Pennyweights’ handcrafted jewelry, they’re exquisite! It should come as no surprise that this Southern Connecticut store has some celebrity fans, including ABC News’ Ginger Zee, and these delicate gold-plated earrings perfectly explain why. They’ll easily brighten up any look with their simple, yet intricate design and their faux hoop style with earring post-backs mean they’re easy to put on, take off, and adjust as needed. Pennyweights Sterling Vermeil Sun Ray Post Hoops, $15.75, Etsy

Glass Wine Bottle Bird Feeder, Originally $29.99, Now $25.49 at Etsy

Sip back and relax as you enjoy the melodious chirps of the avian visitors coming to snack at this Glass Wine Bottle Bird Feeder. Expertly hand-crafted by Bottles Uncorked in Fredericksburg, VA, the T-cork top is a breeze to remove, so you can refill it birdseed again and again. This feeder is available in four rich colors and your choice of copper or silver trim, and any combination you choose is sure to please your wine-loving tweetheart. Bottles Uncorked Glass Wine Bottle Bird Feeder, $25.49, Etsy

Tabletop Glass Fireplace, $35 at Etsy

There’s no other way to slice it—this Tabletop Glass Fireplace by Nashville artisan company 1Man1Garage is just cool. Whether you’re gifting it to your favorite outdoors lover or want a unique way to spruce up your own patio set, you can’t go wrong. With a birch base, glass barrier, and gel fuel, it’s as easy to transport as it is to light and will warm both hearts and hands with its clever design. Plus, the extra DIY makes it a fun little project for you and the recipient to do together before reaping the rewards a la roasting marshmallows outback. 1Man1Garage Glass Tabletop Fireplace, $35, Etsy

Other Etsy Black Friday deals we love include:

Brilliant Baguette Sparkles Clicker Hoop Ring, Originally $21.95, Now $16.46 at Etsy

Finding reliable, high-quality body jewelry can be a challenge, which is why BM25’s handmade collection of reasonably-priced studs, barbells, and hoops, including this stunning clicker ring. BM25 Jewelry Brilliant Baguette Sparkles Clicker Hoop Ring, $16.46, Etsy

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Serape Style Yarn Wrapped Horseshoe, $58 at Etsy

With a little bit of luck, you just might win this year’s unofficial Best Gifter Ever award if you give the new homeowner in your life this decorative horseshoe as they ring in the holidays in their new place. Marley and Alfie Serape Style Yarn Wrapped Horseshoe, $58, Etsy

Deep Tone Copper Wind Chime, $36 at Etsy

Just think: The next time you’re enjoying your morning coffee on your deck, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the melodious sounds and beautiful craftsmanship of these copper wind chimes. PeaceLoveZenShop Deep Tone Copper Wind Chimes, $36, Etsy

Personalized Home Watercolor Portrait, $55-$207 at Etsy

As Dorothy says, “There’s no place like home,” so why not take a little piece of where you grew up with you wherever you go with this customized, sentimental print? I Love Coloring Personalized Home Watercolor Portrait, $55-$207, Etsy

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Handmade Wooden Chess Set, $130-$175 at Etsy

If you’re among the 3.2 million people who took up chess after binging The Queen’s Gambit, you’ll love this hand-carved walnut and maple set, which is available in chess, checkers, and combination chess and checkers set options. Baldwin Toy Co. Handmade Chess Set, $130-$175, Etsy

Pink Frosted Pop Tart Cat Bed, $49.99 at Etsy

Don’t forget about Felix the Cat while doing that holiday shopping—his cozy fleece cat bed is sure to please your furry friend. ViongLabel Pink Frosted Pop Tart Cat Bed, $49.99, Etsy

Icons of the Acoustic Guitar Poster, Originally $21, Now $17.85 at Etsy

If the future Joni Mitchell or Jimmi Hendrix in your life eats, sleeps, and breathes guitar, why not give them the gift of rock 'n' roll history with this printed poster of guitars owned by the best of the best? Wunderkammer Studio Icons of the Acoustic Guitar Poster, Originally $21, Now $17.85, Etsy

Personalized Laser Engraved Buckle Dog Collar, $45.95 at Etsy

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns for every dog size, the only one who will love this laser-engraved collar is your soon-to-be-stylish pooch. ShopMimiGreen Personalized Laser Engraved Buckle Dog Collar, $45.95, Etsy

Name Puzzle with Animals, Originally $5.60-$214.75, Now $1.68-$64.42 at Etsy

What tot wouldn’t love this educational wooden toy, which you can personalize with their name (up to 9 letters) using any of the 12 color options and nine cute and cuddly woodland creatures? Child Universe Name Puzzle with Animals, Originally $5.60-$214.75, Now $1.68-$64.42, Etsy

Agate Bookends, $61.99 at Etsy

Get that boho bookworm in your life a present they’ll really love with these unique agate bookends, which have been hand-selected, cut and polished (though you won’t know exactly what they look like or how much they weigh until they arrive—but that’s part of the surprise). Crystal Cavern Designs 6 to 9 lb Agate Bookends, $61.99, Etsy

DIY Mozzarella Kit, Originally $39, Now $31.20 at Etsy

You don’t have to be from Wisconsin to be a total cheesehead, and this beginner’s cheese kit comes with everything you need for the ultimate charcuterie spread, including an instruction booklet unbleached 100% cotton cheesecloth, GMO-free citric acid, a metal probe thermometer, non-iodized cheese salt, and vegetarian rennet. DIY Mozzarella Kit, Originally $39, Now $31.20, Etsy

Flowery Lungs Wall Art Print, Originally $8.99, Now $7.19 at Etsy

Breathe some life into your space with this Avante-Garde (and, aside from the flowers, anatomically correct) wall art, which you can snag in a variety of shapes, sizes, and framing options. Flowery Lungs Wall Art Print, Originally $8.99, Now $7.19, Etsy

Agate Slice Butterfly Decor, Originally $29.99, Now $26.99 at Etsy

Whether you’re celebrating a transformation in your life or just, you know, like butterflies, this agate butterfly sculpture is sure to be a stunning addition to your home or office decor. GemMartUSA Agate Slice Butterfly Gemstone Decor, Originally $29.99, Now $26.99, Etsy

Ladies Silk Scarf, $79.99 at Etsy

As cinema icon Elizabeth Taylor once said, “A woman without a scarf is a woman without a future,” so really, you should consider this luxurious silk an investment. Valisse Ladies Silk Scarf, $79.99, Etsy

Wood Bathtub Tray, $175-$295 at Etsy

If your New Year’s resolution is to practice more self-care, what better way to do so than to pick up this reclaimed maple bathtub tray, which is available in custom sizes with a personalized engraving if you choose. Peg and Awl Wood Bathtub Tray Caddy, $175-$295, Etsy

State Chevron Can Glass Set, $32 at Etsy

Whether you’re sipping your favorite beverage from your home state or just want to show some hometown pride, this set of can-shaped glasses are sure to bring plenty of warm fuzzies (though that may be the fizzy drink talking). Vital Industries State Chevron Can Glass Set of 2, $32, Etsy

Personalized Leather Passport Cover, Originally $17.24, Now $13.79 at Etsy

Every seasoned traveler needs a passport cover, and this customized option (which fits U.S., U.K, Canadian, and Australian passports) is made from supple genuine leather and can be personalized with your favorite adventurer’s initials and your choice of three rich colors. Metal Signs and More Personalized Leather Passport Cover, Originally $17.24-$18.24, Now $13.79-$14.59, Etsy

Leopard Colorful Ceramic Tray, $42 at Etsy

Whether you use it as a key dish, jewelry catch-all, or simply a decorative tray in your living room, this versatile, hand-painted ceramic dish is sure to make a statement. Nightshift Ceramics Colorful Ceramic Tray, $42, Etsy

Terracotta Planter Bundle, $126 at Etsy

For the green thumb in your life, consider this trio of vibrant terracotta pots, which consist of three hand-painted 5-inch, 6.5-inch, and 7.5-inch pots that have been sealed inside and out to withstand long-term wear. Pepper Palm Ablaze Terracotta Plant Pot Bundle, $126, Etsy

Hummingbird Stained Glass Window Hanging Suncatcher, Originally $68.80, Now $34.40 at Etsy

In addition to being considered spiritual messengers, hummingbirds symbolize slowing down and enjoying your life, so why not brighten yours up with this handmade stained glass suncatcher? Glass Art Stories Hummingbird Stained Glass Window Hanging Suncatcher, Originally $68.80, Now $34.40, Etsy

Though Small Business Saturday is still a month away, every day is a good day to support local artists! We hope our recommendations for what to pick up from Etsy during Black Friday bring plenty of joy to you and your loved ones (and the creators you patronize, of course).

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