Celebrate Halloween With The Simpsons' Adidas Sneakers

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It is no secret that longtime viewers of The Simpsons are fanatical. You have to be obsessed with a television show to watch year after year since 1989. Just as the animated comedy changed the entertainment industry, it has been quite impactful in the sneaker world.

Since most fans of The Simpsons are binging "Treehouse of Horror" episodes in preparation for Halloween, adidas has decided to treat fans to an incredibly detailed pair of sneakers that celebrates one of the show's most iconic episodes.

adidas Rivalry 86 Low 'Simpsons'

A detailed look at adidas sneakers.<p>adidas</p>
A detailed look at adidas sneakers.


The adidas Rivalry 86 Low 'Simpsons' pays tribute to "Treehouse of Horror VII." First aired in October 1996, the Halloween special featured a segment where Bart found his evil twin in the attic. Poor Hugo was "too crazy for Boys Town" and "too much of a boy for crazy town."

Adidas took that legendary segment and applied it to the Rivalry 86 Low. Best of all, the brand did an excellent job with its attention to detail (there are even fake fish heads that come in the box). Online shoppers can purchase the shoes for $130 on the adidas website.

Just as The Simpsons continues to crank out new seasons, the show continues to enjoy highly anticipated sneaker collaborations. However, this might be their best work yet. Stay locked into Men's Journal Sneakers for all your footwear news.

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