CBS News Poll: How GOP primary race could be Trump v. Trump fatigue

To the extent the Republican primary is a contest at all right now, it looks like it's one between Donald Trump and a sentiment one might call "Trump fatigue."

And Trump is winning that matchup easily.

Here's why: MAGA-sounding ideas are widely held in the Republican electorate, an environment that plays heavily to Trump's advantage.

There's big demand for a candidate who says Trump won in 2020, who challenges woke ideas, who doesn't criticize Trump and, for good measure, makes liberals angry. Trump leads in all of these areas.

Meanwhile there are some GOPers who say they're "exhausted" by Trump, and that he's too controversial, but they are greatly outnumbered today.

Because it's so early, CBS News first asked voters which candidates they're considering backing for the Republican nomination, letting them pick as many or as few as they wanted.

Then, we asked them to pick one candidate they would vote for today. (As with many decisions people make, early in the process, they'll narrow their options before settling on one.)

Trump leads on both measures.

He not only has majority vote support right now, but a massive amount of consideration on top of that, extending beyond his current voters to those who say they might still back him. Trump also wins the votes of a higher percentage of those considering him than anyone else.

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