CBS Has Finally Addressed Noah's Sudden Exit From 'Love Island'

Temi Adebowale
·3 mins read
Photo credit: CBS/ET
Photo credit: CBS/ET

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  • Three new guys—Bennie, Bennett, and Noah—entered the Love Island USA villa at the end of Week 4.

  • However, Noah was removed from the show two days later without an explanation.

  • CBS later explained what happened in a statement, but fans think there's something more to their decision.

The Love Island USA fandom is very, very perceptive, and viewers of the show have noticed tiny details like Jaleb's cute background interactions and coordinated costumes at the 'Get Your Heart Racing' challenge. But since the show knows how dedicated its fans are, the decision to completely erase Noah from the show without addressing his departure is pretty perplexing.

Noah was introduced on Day 26 with Bennie and Bennett, and he later went on a date with Moira that went pretty well. Noah was also the one that told Cely the full extent of what happened with Johnny and Mercades at Casa Amor, as he had watched the scene on TV before entering the villa, and fans praised him for his honesty.

But by Day 28, he was out, leaving fans to wonder what had happened to him. The show remained mum on the topic until days later, when CBS and production company ITV America released a statement to ET:

"It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement. He has been removed from the show." CBS also removed all traces of Noah from their website, cast list, and photo gallery, and no one on the show has mentioned him.

However, fans are speculating that Noah's removal may have been because he reportedly appeared in adult films in the past, and they've been rallying behind him.

Viewers are also unhappy that the show seemed to have cut out certain scenes and reshot the recoupling in order to fully erase Noah's presence from the show.

Noah hasn't yet made a statement about his removal, but it remains to be seen if he'll be allowed to discuss the details of his elimination.

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