Cats' TV Time Gets Canceled After One Thinks the Screen Is Real

These parents won't make that mistake again.

More and more people have been leaving the TV on for their fur babies. Usually, people throw on an animal or nature show. It keeps their pets entertained, giving them a glimpse of what life is like in the wild. But fair warning if you're interested in starting this, make sure your pets know it's not real.

TikTok user @_codyroberts learned that the hard way. His two cats were mesmerized by the chipmunk on the screen. And one cat was a little too invested in the chipmunk. Watch what this cat does and tell us you wouldn't cancel TV time either. LOL!

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O.M.G. We can't believe the cat full-on leaped onto the TV to try and catch that chipmunk. LOL! You'd think the cat would realize it wasn't real as soon as he hit the screen, but that cat was hanging on for dear life!

"He meowed at you as if YOU were doing something wrong," wrote @threegnomesinatrenchcoat. He was annoyed he was getting dragged away from the prize. LOL! @haleyoconnr added, "I'm his lawyer and he is innocent. Reinstate TV time immediately." If that's the lawyer, we're the judge and we rule TV time is to come back. Why? Because it was just an honest mistake!

Another TikTok user, @stay.fruity, commented, "This is why we use a projector that projects directly on the wall lmao." Oh, that's a brilliant idea! Why haven't we thought about that sooner? Everyone should do this if they want to give their fur babies TV time. You wouldn't want to risk another TV. LOL!

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