Cat's 'Strict' Bedtime Routine Couldn't Be More Endearing

We love how happy he is about bedtime!

Trying to get your pets or children to bed is always one of the hardest tasks of the day. They'll do anything to prolong going to sleep. But this TikTok cat, known as @mrmilothechonk, isn't like you're typical pet or child. This cat actually knows the importance of a good night's rest.  

Unlike us who struggle to get our kids and pets to go to bed, it's actually the other way around in this house. The cat struggles to get the parents to bed. We see who runs the house here. LOL! Check it out!

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LOL! We love this so much! Milo is clearly very serious about his bedtime and we wouldn't want to throw him off schedule. 

"He said, 'Girl hurry up,'" commented @ummmitsryhia. For real though, she's cutting into his beauty sleep! LOL! @msqueenv80 added, "Milo said, 'I'm ready to lay down come on Mom!!'" It's his house and they're all just living in it. @One_Reign pointed out, "He's nice about it though, using his inside voice." That's so true! If he wanted to be strict, we're sure they would know. LOL! 

Another TikTok user, @Justine_Ramos, wrote, "Milo listens better than my daughter for bedtime." Right?! We can't all kids be like Milo and actually want to go to bed? Imagine how much easier life would be. 


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