Cat's Pure Enthusiasm Over Cheese Couldn't Be More Relatable

Everyone is feeling this cat.

The first week of March 2023 will hereby be known as the month we all discovered that most pet owners have to pay the Cheese Tax to our pets. It's not just doggos who are collecting on this delicious dairy treat, a lot of cats are demanding their dues as this adorable Tabby that had their video submitted to PetHelpful proves.

The Rules are the rules and we don't make the rules but the facts are the facts and when the cheese drawer opens, you gotta pay the tax!

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We cannot get enough of adorable pets eating cheese. Why? Because our pets are just like us and we are pretty sure we have made the same noises the Tabby in the video does when we are presented with a charcuterie board.

You go little cat goblin. Cheese is delicious and if it makes you make sounds like a killer great white shark, so be it.

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