Cat's Pitiful Reaction to Mom Leaving the House Is Breaking Hearts

She's vowed never to leave him alone again.

We think it's time to start a petition to stop pet parents from filming their pets while they leave the house. Too many times we've seen heartbroken pets crying as their owners leave for work or to run errands and we can't take it anymore! Their sadness absolutely destroys us.

One of the latest videos to break out hearts into a million little pieces comes from TikTok user @mauriandcucumbers. This cat owner, unfortunately, had to leave the house and wasn't able to bring precious Mauri along. The result is one very pitiful reaction. Be warned, it might be the saddest thing you'll see all week!

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Ugh, how could this owner ever leave Mauri at home knowing he gets this upset?! Or why even set up a camera? If we did, we'd come home crying every single time because we never want to see our fur babies this upset. Luckily, this owner has vowed to never leave him home alone again. We'll be holding them to this because can't stand seeing this poor baby sad again!

"How dare you," asked @videocauldrons. Our thoughts exactly! @cacacat74 added, "His dropped tail says he's so sad." We started crying at that point!

There are only two ways to make it up to Mauri. First, snuggle him for the rest of the week. Or secondly, do what @sofiabenbahmed suggested. The comment reads, "I think he needs a brother or a sister." YES! @laitr1779 said, "My baby did this all day until we got a little brother. Now they're both happy and playing when I'm gone."

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